Free Fire OB43 Update to Introduce New Character: Check Abilities & Gameplay


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Free Fire OB43 Update to Introduce New Character: Check Abilities & Gameplay

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New character to bring in circle-trapping ability to ensnare enemies and open-up more strategic plays.

Free Fire players have an exciting new character to look forward to with the introduction of the OB43 Advance Server update. This new yet-to-be-named character was teased in the OB42 advance server for the game. Previously featured under the name - Testboy, Garena is likely to introduce the same character. However, leakers have also suggested that the name or the appearance of the character might change in the final version.

Free Fire OB43 New Character Details

Official Teasers in the Advance Server Section

The advance server banner shows the new character along with mentions of a new weapon and new mode coming soon. The weapon is said to be the VSK 94 marksman rifle, similar to the SKS or SVD already in the game. There will also be a new Duo mode, but details remain scarce.

Abilities of the new Free Fire Character

As for the new character, while the name remains unknown, some key details were shared. The character's special ability creates a damaging circle on the ground that ensnares enemies. Any opponents within that circle take continual damage for several seconds. Additionally, the circle holds enemies in place temporarily, preventing their movement.

Abilities of the new Character in OB43 update

Abilities of the new Character

How the New Character's Ability will affect Gameplay

This containment and damage ability gives players a major strategic advantage. It can be used to block paths and doorways when enemies pursue. Players can then throw grenades or use area damage weapons to easily finish off the trapped opponents.

The ability will also provide defensive cover on the battlefield when outnumbered. If surrounded by an enemy squad, activating the circle traps them for precious seconds while the player retreats to safety or takes aim. Overall, its a game changer for strategic players.

More Updates Potentially on the Horizon

The advance server indicates even more updates on the horizon. There may be an opportunity to preview and give feedback on the new mode and weapon coming later. Players eager for early access can register for the advance server opening January 5th and running until January 19th.

Along with early previews, the server also offers free diamonds for discovering bugs prior to the official update release. So it provides incentives beyond just a sneak peek of what's to come.

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