Free Fire Monster Ring Event: Check Rewards List, Diamond Cost, More

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Free Fire Monster Ring Event: Check Rewards List and More


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Free Fire's Monster Ring Event: Exclusive rewards, bonus spins, and thrilling gameplay now live!
Unlock Monster Attack Scar and more in the Free Fire Monster Ring Event. Spin to win!

Ring-based events have become a regular feature in Free Fire, and the latest addition to this trend is the live Monster Ring event. Data miners, particularly @macbruh_ff, previously uncovered details about this event, which promises players a host of exclusive rewards, including enticing gun skins and costume bundles. Players must spend diamonds to secure these coveted items, making the event a hot topic in the Free Fire community.

The Monster Ring event has officially replaced the DMC Ring, which concluded on September 14, 2023. In this article, we explore the details of this live event.

What You Need to Know About the Free Fire Monster Ring Event

The Monster Ring event commenced on September 14, 2023, and is set to run until September 27, 2023. It is available on the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers, offering players a chance to acquire exciting rewards.

Some of the primary rewards featured in the Monster Ring event include the Monster Attack Scar (with increased fire rate and accuracy), Cobalt Monster Club Bundle, Scarlet Monster Club Bundle, and the intriguing Monster Transformer Sports Car. Alongside these exclusive items, the event also boasts a selection of miscellaneous rewards.

Monster Ring Event Rewards

Free Fire Monster Ring Event Rewards

To participate in the Monster Ring event, players need to spend diamonds for spins to compete for items from the prize pool. Tokens are also available, allowing players to exchange them for specific rewards of their choice. It's important to note that this information is now confirmed, as the event is live in the game.

Diamond Cost for spinning the Monster Ring

In the Free Fire Monster Ring event, each spin comes at a cost of 20 diamonds. However, there's an enticing bonus for those who opt for ten spins in one go. Players who choose this option will receive an extra bonus spin, increasing their chances of landing coveted rewards.

The Free Fire Monster Ring event has officially arrived, offering players an opportunity to dive into a thrilling experience filled with exclusive rewards.

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