Free Fire MAX: How to Get free Tiger’s Fury Gloo wall from the latest Top-Up Event


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Free Fire MAX: How to Get free Tiger’s Fury Gloo wall from the latest Top-Up Event

Ahsan Kabir
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New Free Fire event offers free Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall and Hot Pink Hound bundle for topping up diamonds.
Players can get the full Pink Hound set by purchasing 2000 diamonds during the event window.
Tiger-themed Gloo Wall and other rare items up for grabs by topping up as little as 100 diamonds.

A thrilling new Top Up event has just launched in Garena Free Fire MAX, offering players the chance to get their hands on some sensational rewards including a rare Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall. By purchasing diamonds during the event period which runs from January 9th through January 21st, players can claim a series of exclusive items for free.

How to unlock the Free Rewards in the Latest Top-Up Event?

This eye-catching event gives players access to highly desirable cosmetics without needing to open their wallets again. The key draw is the vibrant Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall themed around the recent Tiger Top Up event. It provides stylish protection and oozes fierceness. There's also a Hot Pink Hound bundle up for grabs, containing a full set perfect for standing out.

Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall in Free Fire

Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall

To unlock the goods, all you need to do is top up diamonds, Garena’s premium currency, during the event window. The diamonds themselves won’t be used up, instead acting as your ticket to fabulous freebies. By topping up just 100 diamonds you can claim the Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall. Going up to 2000 diamonds bags you the entire Pink Hound set and more.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what you can get at each top up milestone:

Top-Up milestones in Free Fire


  • Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall - 100 diamonds

  • Majestic Being Loot Box - 300 diamonds

  • Hot Pink Hound (Top) - 500 diamonds

  • Hot Pink Hound (Head) - 700 diamonds

  • Hot Pink Hound (Shoes) - 1000 diamonds

  • Hot Pink Hound (Bottom) - 1500 diamonds

  • Neon Celebration Facepaint - 2000 diamonds

Steps to Get the Top-up Milestone Rewards

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and tap the diamond icon to access the top-up menu

  2. Select your preferred top-up package to purchase diamonds

  3. Confirm payment via your preferred method

  4. Visit the Fury Top Up event page and redeem prizes

The obtained items can then be equipped in the Vault section to show off your new style. Do note 2000 diamonds represents a hefty investment, so participate wisely. More events are also slated around the upcoming OB43 update.

In summary, Free Fire MAX's latest top up event ushers in striking new cosmetics up for grabs including the majestic Tiger’s Fury Gloo Wall. Just top up diamonds within the event period to claim them for free and refresh your style.

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