Free Fire MAX: Get Free Cheerful Bunny Parachute Skin with these Simple Steps

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire MAX: Get Free Cheerful Bunny Parachute Skin with these Simple Steps</p></div>
Free Fire MAX: Get Free Cheerful Bunny Parachute Skin with these Simple Steps


Free Fire MAX

New "Aim for the Head" event in Free Fire MAX.
Get 15 headshots to unlock Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin.
Limited time to earn prizes from January 16-19.

A new event has recently launched in Free Fire MAX, offering players the chance to obtain an exclusive Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin. Titled "Aim for the Head," this limited-time event runs from January 16th through the 19th and tasks players with racking up headshot kills to earn prizes.

How to Participate in the Event?

To participate, Free Fire MAX players simply need to enter a match in any mode and score headshot kills on their opponents. There are no restrictions on which game modes can count toward progress. The key is to specifically target and hit headshots rather than regular body shots.

Aim for the Head event page

Free Fire

Tasks to claim the Free Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin

The "Aim for the Head" event has a straightforward prize structure. At 7 headshot kills, players will unlock a Titanium weapon loot crate containing random skins and items. Upon reaching 15 total headshots during the event period, participants will then unlock the special Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin as the highlight of the event rewards. Alternatively, hitting the 15 headshot goal can award 3 gold royale vouchers instead, but the parachute skin is arguably the more desirable prize.

To actually claim the Cheerful Bunny Parachute skin after completing enough headshots, players should:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and visit the events menu section.

  2. Navigate to the "Activities" tab and select the "Aim for the Head" event info page.

  3. Click the claim button next to the parachute skin prize to add it to your collection. Grab the weapon crate reward too.

With the event ending soon on January 19th, interested Free Fire MAX players will need to act fast if they want a shot at unlocking this exclusive Cheerful Bunny Parachute for free. Focus on modes with more combat encounters like Clash Squad to rack up those 15 needed headshots. Adjust sensitivity or practice flicking headshots in training if struggling. Just a couple of good matches could be enough!

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