Free Fire MAX Bandaged Hare Bundle: How to Acquire from the New Faded Wheel Event

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Bandaged Hare Bundle in Free Fire MAX: How to Acquire It from the New Faded Wheel Event</p></div>
Bandaged Hare Bundle in Free Fire MAX: How to Acquire It from the New Faded Wheel Event


Free Fire MAX

Guaranteed Rewards: Learn about the spin costs and the eight spins needed to secure the grand prize.

Garena has introduced a new Faded Wheel event in Free Fire MAX, where players can obtain a number of rewards, including the exclusive Bandaged Hare costume bundle. This article provides a detailed guide on accessing the event and acquiring the desired rewards.

Commencement and Duration of the Event:

The Faded Wheel event started on 30h June and will continue until 6th July in Free Fire MAX. Players will have one week to participate and decide if they want to invest their diamonds in pursuit of the available rewards.

Prize Pool of the Faded Wheel Event:

The Faded Wheel offers ten distinct rewards, but before players begin spinning, they must remove two items from the prize pool. The available rewards include:

  1. Bandaged Hare bundle

  2. 2x Magic Cube Fragments

  3. Golden Roar (GROZA + AC80) Weapon Loot Crate

  4. The Devil's Blessings (Surfboard)

  5. Spirited Overseers Weapon Loot Crate

  6. Portable Incubator (Backpack)

  7. Vampire Malevolence (M82B + MP5) Weapon Loot Crate

  8. Song of Hana (Kingfisher + M500) Weapon Loot Crate

  9. Egghunt Paradise

  10. Pet Food

Spin Costs and Guaranteed Grand Prize:

The first spin in the Faded Wheel event costs nine diamonds, and subsequent spins will increase in price. The already-received items will be greyed out, ensuring that players are guaranteed to obtain the grand prize, the Bandaged Hare bundle, within eight spins.

The following are the costs for each spin:

  1. First spin: 9 diamonds

  2. Second spin: 19 diamonds

  3. Third spin: 39 diamonds

  4. Fourth spin: 69 diamonds

  5. Fifth spin: 99 diamonds

  6. Sixth spin: 149 diamonds

  7. Seventh spin: 199 diamonds

  8. Eighth spin: 499 diamonds

By spending a total of 1082 diamonds, players can acquire all the rewards offered by the Faded Wheel event.

Steps to Access the Faded Wheel and Obtain the Bandaged Hare Bundle

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and tap on the diamond events option located above the store icon. This will display the list of events on your screen. Select the Bundled Hare option from the available events.

Step 2: Remove two undesired items from the prize pool. Players have the choice to remove either Pet Food and Magic Cube Fragments or a Weapon Loot Crate since they hold less value compared to other rewards.

Step 3: Begin making spins by spending diamonds in the Faded Wheel event to receive your desired rewards.

Equipping the Bandaged Hare Bundle:

After acquiring the Bandaged Hare bundle, players can equip it by navigating to the "Vault" section.

With the introduction of the new Faded Wheel event in Free Fire MAX, players have the opportunity to obtain the exclusive Bandaged Hare costume bundle and other exciting rewards. By following the provided steps, players can easily access the event, remove unwanted items from the prize pool, and acquire the desired rewards by spending diamonds.

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