Free Fire: How to get free Sunset Gears Skyboard, Sunny Cornfield Parachute?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire: How to get free Sunset Gears Skyboard, Sunny Cornfield Parachute?</p></div>
Free Fire: How to get free Sunset Gears Skyboard, Sunny Cornfield Parachute?


Free Fire

Free Fire's Farmer's Market event: Earn Corn Tokens for Skyboards, Parachutes, and exclusive loot!
Limited time offer: Exchange Corn Tokens for Sunset Skyboards and Sunny Parachutes in Free Fire.
Collect Corn Tokens, unlock unique gear - Farmer's Market event in Free Fire is live!

The Farmer’s Market event, recently introduced into Free Fire by Garena, brings an exciting opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards. Gamers can complete specific missions to collect Corn Tokens, which can later be exchanged for thematic in-game items such as the Sunset Gears Skyboard, Sunny Cornfield Parachute, and more.

Event Duration and Token Accumulation

This event began on October 13, 2023, and will run until October 26, 2023, providing players with nearly two weeks to accumulate enough Corn Tokens to acquire their desired rewards.

Mission Objectives for Corn Tokens

To acquire Corn Tokens, players can complete a variety of missions, making it accessible for most active players. The missions include:

  • Logging in for 2 days: 1x Corn Token

  • Logging in for 5 days: 2x Corn Tokens

  • Logging in for 9 days: 3x Corn Tokens

  • Eliminating 75 enemies in Battle Royale/Clash Squad/Lone Wolf: 2x Corn Tokens

  • Eliminating 150 enemies in Battle Royale/Clash Squad/Lone Wolf: 3x Corn Tokens

  • Eliminating 300 enemies in Battle Royale/Clash Squad/Lone Wolf: 4x Corn Tokens

Additionally, there is a daily refreshing event that allows players to earn a free token.

Claiming Your Rewards

Once you've collected enough Corn Tokens, head to the "Exchange Store" section within the event to claim your rewards. Here's what you can get:

  • Exchange 10x Corn Tokens: Receive a free Sunset Gears Skyboard

  • Exchange 6x Corn Tokens: Acquire a free Sunny Cornfield Parachute

  • Exchange 6x Corn Tokens: Get your hands on a free Sunny Cornfield Jeep

  • Exchange 1x Corn Token: Obtain a Random Loadout Loot Crate

These rewards are highly valuable, especially considering that similar items often cost a substantial number of in-game diamonds.

How to Claim Your Rewards

Follow these steps to redeem your Farmer’s Market event rewards in Free Fire:

  1. Open the Free Fire game on your mobile device.

  2. Tap the "Events" icon, located on the left side of the screen upon launching the game. This will take you to the list of currently active events.

  3. Select the Farmer’s Market event and navigate to the Exchange Store section to find your desired rewards.

  4. Finally, tap the “Exchange” button next to the items you wish to redeem in Free Fire.

Once you've successfully redeemed the rewards, you can equip them through the Vault section in the game. Don't miss this opportunity to collect these valuable in-game items for free during the Farmer’s Market event.

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