Fortnite Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Cup to Return With Free Skins and Bundles

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fortnite Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Cup To Return With Free Skins and Bundles</p></div>
Fortnite Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Cup To Return With Free Skins and Bundles



Cross-promotion with Samsung's new devices boosts anticipation for improved Android tablet gaming.
Players worldwide gear up for the Hazy Dream Beats bundle in the thrilling Samsung Galaxy Cup!

Fortnite players worldwide are buzzing with excitement as Epic Games announced the long-awaited return of the Samsung Galaxy Cup. The renowned tournament, known for its exclusive and rare skins, is set to captivate players on Android and other supported platforms. With a chance to win the coveted Hazy Dream Beats bundle, thousands of players will be gearing up for this thrilling event.

The Comeback of a Fortnite Mobile Tournament

After a prolonged hiatus, Epic Games has unveiled the fourth edition of the Samsung Galaxy Cup, delighting fans who have been yearning for a dedicated Fortnite mobile tournament. The highly anticipated Galaxy Cup 4 is just around the corner, offering Fortnite players a chance to compete on 29th and 30th July. Android users will battle it out on the first day, while players on any Fortnite-supported platform can join in on the second day.

Tournament Details and Rewards

Participants will have the opportunity to earn exclusive items from the new Hazy Dreambeats Set, including the Galaxy Crossfade Outfit with its reactive Crossfade's Equalizer Back Bling, Spinback Slicer Pickaxe, BPM Breakdown Emote, and Crossfade's Galaxy Wrap. The estimated retail value of this bundle is $26 USD, making it an enticing prospect for players looking to expand their Fortnite cosmetic collection.

Top-performing players from each region on both days will receive these incredible rewards. Many can even earn at least 8 points and walk away with the House Cat Spray.

The tournament scoring system primarily emphasizes placement, providing opportunities for players to secure points through eliminations, capturing a Rifting NPOI, and opening a vault. Players in the top 10 will accumulate 13 points, while a Victory Royale awards 30 points. Additionally, the top 50 players will receive a special spray, further enhancing the excitement for participants. Refer to the official Fortnite website for more details.

Regional Prizes for Top Performers

Fortnite enthusiasts from different regions around the world will compete for the chance to be among the top performers and claim the Hazy Dream Beats bundle. Europe, being one of the largest regions, will have 2000 lucky winners each day, followed by 1500 for North America East, 500 for Brazil, 500 for Asia, and 150 for Oceania. Middle East players will have 250 spots available to secure the prize.

Epic Games' decision to host the Samsung Galaxy Cup in late July aligns with Samsung's expected announcement of its new line of tablets and devices. This collaboration aims to promote Samsung's latest products and entice players to explore Fortnite on their devices. The tournament presents an excellent opportunity for participants to test the performance of Samsung's new tablets in a competitive gaming environment.

Anticipation for Improved Android Tablets

While Android tablets have generally struggled to keep up with competitive play, the Fortnite community remains hopeful that Samsung's latest Tab S series, equipped with advanced processors and generous RAM, could provide a breakthrough for Android gaming. Players are eager to witness the performance capabilities of these devices, which could potentially elevate the mobile gaming experience to new heights.

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