Five BGMI Titles Which are Almost Impossible to Unlock



Five BGMI Titles Which are Almost Impossible to Unlock

Kavish Sheth
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In BGMI, players can earn achievements and titles based on their gameplay styles.
Here are five of the most challenging titles to achieve in the game, as they demand excellent game knowledge and a strong grasp of its mechanics.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) throws all kinds of thrilling challenges your way, pushing you to show off your skills and go beyond your limits. In this virtual world, you can work hard to unlock some seriously impressive titles that basically scream, "Look at what I achieved!" These achievements are like shiny badges that prove you're a master of the game, and they're not easy to get. We've dug deep into the world of BGMI and found five titles that are like the ultimate tests of your gaming prowess. They're so tough and intimidating that only the most determined and talented BGMI players can claim them.

Five Hardest BGMI Titles


The Pacifist title in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) completely flips the script on how you play the game. Instead of going all-out in combat, this title requires you to win a solo match without causing any harm to other players. It's all about being sneaky, strategic, and a master of survival as you outlast everyone else in the classic single-player mode. But here's the catch: you can only attempt this challenge if you're in the Platinium tier or higher. If you happen to eliminate even a single player during the match, you'll have to start all over again. With the game's intense combat nature, it's no wonder that unlocking the Pacifist title is a real test of skill and perseverance.

Pacifist BGMI

Weapon Master

To earn the prestigious Weapon Master title in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), players must demonstrate their mastery of all weapon types by eliminating enemies with each one within a single classic match. This challenge calls for versatility, skill, and agility to adapt to various weapon categories as the match progresses. It's important to note that obtaining this title requires you to be in the Platinum tier or higher. The list of weapons you'll need to showcase your expertise with includes:

  • Assault Rifles

  • Sniper Rifles / Designated Marksman Rifle

  • Submachine guns

  • Pistols

  • Ramming with vehicle

  • Light machine guns

  • Throwables

  • Crossbow

  • Melee Weapon

  • Shotguns

Weapon Master BGMI


The Deadeye title in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a prestigious honor reserved for players who possess extraordinary marksmanship and unwavering accuracy. To claim this title, players must accomplish the challenging feat of securing three consecutive headshot kills from a minimum distance of 50 meters in a single solo match, showcasing their exceptional aim and mastery of long-range engagements. It's crucial to note that even a single missed shot will require restarting the challenge from scratch. Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that this title's achievement will only be acknowledged if the solo match was played at the Platinum tier or above in the game.

Deadeye/Sharpshooter BGMI

Chicken Expert/Chicken Master

The Chicken Master title in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is widely recognized as one of the most challenging titles to acquire. To achieve this prestigious accolade, players must showcase their mastery by eliminating their final opponent in a series of solo matches, utilizing all available methods at their disposal. This includes employing various weapon types, utilizing throwables, utilizing vehicles, and even engaging in close combat with melee weapons. Successfully completing this arduous challenge demands exceptional versatility, adaptability, and the ability to make calculated and strategic decisions in the crucial moments of a match.

You have to finish the below tasks to successfully obtain the Chicken Expert/Chicken Master title

  • Reach Platinum Tier in Solo Classic Match

  • Use SMG to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Pistol to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Light Machine Gun to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Sniper Rifles to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Assault Rifle to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Shotguns to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Melee Weapon to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Crossbow to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use vehicles to deal the final blow and win a match

  • Use Throwables to deal the final blow and win a match

Chicken Expert/Chicken Master BGMI

Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon title in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) symbolizes the pinnacle of gameplay that involves taking on high risks for the potential of great rewards. Obtaining this title entails an impressive feat: winning 50 solo matches without equipping any backpack or armor from start to finish. This unique challenge demands not only exceptional skill but also precise decision-making abilities. Players who aspire to unlock the Glass Cannon title must navigate intense combat situations while being more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Glass Cannon BGMI

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