Free Fire City Open National Finals 2021 Reportedly Achieves Over 20 Million Total Views


FFCO National Finals 2021 Reportedly Achieved Over 20 Million Total Views

The National Finals of FFCO 2021 rakes in over 20 million views.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Free Fire City Open National Finals 2021 reportedly raked in more than 20 million views across all livestreams.
The Hindi broadcast of the FFCO 2021 grand finals on YouTube contributed the most with over 15 million views.
The INR 60,00,000 ($82,301 USD) Free Fire tournament came to an end with Hyderabad Nawabs being crowned as the champions.

The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals raked in over 20 million views in total across various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Booyah!, as reported by Garena. The grand finals of the tournament took place on 15th August where Hyderabad Nawabs (Team Captains) came out on top as the champions, with just a one-point lead over the runners-up Delhi Titans (Team OP). The organizers also had in place various viewership rewards and multiple in-game events, keeping the viewers engaged and occupied during the tournament's livestream.

FFCO National Finals 2021 rakes in more than 20 million views across all livestreams

The recently concluded Free Fire City Open National Finals 2021 was broadcasted in four languages - Hindi, English, Tamil, and Bengali, across three different platforms - YouTube, Facebook, and Booyah!. All these livestreams combined across the four languages reportedly raked in more than 20 million views in total.

Moreover, the Hindi stream on YouTube was reportedly the most popular as it contributed for more than 15 millions total views. The broadcast of the remaining languages attracted an additional viewership of over 2 million views.

Though both the peak and average concurrent viewership for the grand finals of FFCO 2021 was not revealed by Garena, the viewership metric of 200,000 concurrent viewers must have been surpassed. If so, all the Free Fire players will be receiving the 'Shake It Up - Emote' as a reward.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Viewership Rewards

Apart from this, players who participated in the 'Fastest Finger First' and 'BOOYAH For Your City' in-game events would also be getting additional rewards associated with the two events.

The INR 60,00,000 ($82,301 USD) Free Fire tournament that had kicked off in April 2021 has finally come to an exhilarating finish, as all the competing teams proudly represented their respective cities in this completely open grassroots level tournament.

Garena did multiple activations around this event to make it such a success, which included launching a short web series themed around FFCO 2021, a rap song theme to go along with the National Finals, engagement through various social media platforms, and much more.

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