EVOS Legends Releases Tazz From Its MLBB Roster

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>EVOS Legends Released Tazz From Its MLBB Roster</p></div>
EVOS Legends Released Tazz From Its MLBB Roster


EVOS Legends announced the departure of its MLBB star Jungler Tazz.
According to Tazz it was not his decision to leave EVOS Legends.
Tazz is one of the seasoned veterans in EVOS Legends.

EVOS Legends bid farewell to its esteemed Jungler, Darrel "Tazz" Wijaya. His journey with the esports organization dates back to 2021 when he initially showcased his skills under the banner of the amateur division, EVOS Icon. As one of the enduring figures within the esports organization, fans couldn't help but express their curiosity regarding the reasons behind the departure of this long-time member. The revelation unfolded in the aftermath of EVOS Esports' heartfelt farewell post, wherein Tazz disclosed that the decision to part ways was not of his own making. Rather, it was the strategic choice of the esports organization.

Tazz claims it was not his decision to leave EVOS Legends

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, EVOS Legends announced the departure of Tass from its MLBB roster. The video encapsulated a flood of emotions, capturing the visibly moving moment where Tazz, overcome with sentiment, was seen shedding tears

“Thank you for creating a story together with EVOS, we have certainly had many unforgettable moments together,” the post captioned.

Tazz's journey with the esports organization commenced in 2021, where his talents initially found expression under EVOS Icon, the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team. The pro player navigated between the MDL and MPL squads multiple times, showcasing his versatility and dedication. However, it was in the MPL ID Season 11 that Tazz solidified his position as a key member of the EVOS Legends roster, marking a pivotal juncture in his professional career.

In the aftermath of the farewell post shared by EVOS Esports, Tazz turned to Instagram to unveil a crucial detail: the decision to part ways with the team was not his own. Instead, it was a strategic move orchestrated by the esports organization, opting to release him as part of their roster adjustments.

According to a report from SPIN Esports Indonesia, Tazz wrote on his IG Story “I just want to say this is not my decision, it's from EVOS, okay, clear? No further explanation. So you all know the truth.”

Tazz claims it was not his decision to leave EVOS Legends

While an explanation was not given as to why he was released from the team, fans think that Tazz may still want to stay under EVOS Legends but could not reach an agreement with the organization on certain terms, leading to his unexpected departure. 

The departure of Tazz from the renowned White Tigers may also be a good opportunity for both the player and the team to explore new horizons and evolve. This transitional phase could open doors for fresh talent within the White Tigers, while Tazz embarks on a journey to discover new challenges and opportunities in his professional esports career. 

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