Everything You Need to Know about the Upcoming Mythic CX-9 in COD: Mobile

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Everything You Need to Know about the Upcoming Mythic CX-9 in COD: Mobile</p></div>
Everything You Need to Know about the Upcoming Mythic CX-9 in COD: Mobile


COD: Mobile

Mythic CX-9 introduces a rare wind theme, setting it apart in COD: Mobile.
Mythic voice lines, offering more immersive experience.
Upgraded kill effects in which a tornado transforms into birds, elevate the mythic's appeal.

The 18th mythic skin in Call of Duty Mobile, the CX-9 Lethal Hollow, is set to make its debut this season. In this comprehensive overview, we'll delve into the intricacies of this mythic, covering its design, gameplay features, and associated items.

Theme and Aesthetics of Mythic CX-9

The predominant theme of the CX-9 Lethal Hollow is the wind, a unique and rarely explored concept in the realm of Call of Duty Mobile mythics. The blueprint is meticulously designed to emulate the essence of wind, adorned with feathers and swirling wind effects. While undoubtedly beautiful, some may find certain elements, like the frontier area resembling an octopus instead of wings, to be a tad eerie. However, beauty is subjective, and the overall design aligns with the mythic's thematic elements.

Mythic CX-9 in CODM

Mythic CX-9

Reactive Effects and Iron Sights

The reactive effects of the CX-9 Lethal Hollow are in line with typical mythic standards, with a notable emphasis on color intensity changes rather than color shifts. Given the wind theme, this design choice is rationalized, steering clear of jarring color changes that might defy the thematic logic. Additionally, the mythic comes with three iron sights, each progressively enhancing the aiming experience. The final upgrade provides a non-obstructive iron sight along with an ammo counter, displaying the remaining ammunition in a clear and prominent manner.

Mythic CX-9

Base Iron Sight of Mythic CX-9

Kill Effects and Upgrades

The CX-9 Lethal Hollow boasts three kill effects, each unlocked at different upgrade levels. The base kill effect might be considered basic, but the second and third upgrades introduce more visually striking effects, including a tornado transforming into birds and plants. Opting for kill effect upgrades is recommended, as the base one may seem underwhelming for a mythic. The third upgrade also unlocks an additional charm as a bonus reward.

Mythic Voice Lines and Interactions

This mythic stands out with its extensive array of voice lines, offering a unique experience during gameplay. The CX-9 Lethal Hollow speaks frequently, and it even comments on encounters with other mythics in the match, potentially making it the mythic with the highest number of voice lines.

Weapon Inspection

The weapon inspection feature of the CX-9 Lethal Hollow is satisfactory, reflecting the essence of the mythic with a lively presentation. While not the most elaborate, it aligns with the mythic's theme and serves its purpose effectively.

Mythic Upgrades and Worthiness

Is upgrading the CX-9 Lethal Hollow worth it? The decision largely depends on individual preferences and financial considerations. If budget constraints are a concern, sticking with the third upgrade might be prudent. The mythic does have a unique feature where it talks extensively during gameplay, but some players might find this more annoying than immersive.

Completionist Camos and Other Items

The CX-9 Lethal Hollow complements premium-looking camos such as Gold, Diamond, and Ethereal due to its color scheme. Interestingly, the tournament camo creates an intriguing contrast, resembling an evil version of the mythic. In addition to the mythic, the draw includes a character skin, an epic Jack Trail, a Renative skin, and a legendary steam shot ideal, providing players with a well-rounded package of items.

In conclusion, the Mythic CX-9 in Call of Duty Mobile introduces an innovative theme and a visually appealing design. Its unique features, extensive voice lines, and associated items make it a noteworthy addition to the game's mythic lineup. Players looking for a mythic experience that deviates from the norm may find the CX-9 Lethal Hollow to be a compelling choice in the upcoming draw.

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