Malaysian Caster HusKKiee Calls Out Toxic Viewers on MAL MY Season 1 Mandarin Stream


Esports Commentator Calls Out Toxicity in Inaugural MLBB Academy League Malaysia, Urges Unity and Inclusivity

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The MAL MY Season 1 features a broadcast for both Bahasa and Mandarin language.
Malaysian esports commentator HusKKiee shared his disappointment on fans who made negative remarks in the MAL MY Season 1 Mandarin stream.
The second week of MAL MY Season 1 is scheduled to begin on March 25th, 2024.

Esports commentator Ng "HusKKiee" Zhen Chuan recently took to social media to express his frustration with negative and racially charged comments during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Academy League Malaysia (MAL MY) Season 1. The tournament, which began on March 18th and is set to run until May 16th, aims to provide a more accessible platform for Malaysian esports talent, boasting a $20,000 USD prize pool.

MLBB caster HusKKiee calls out toxic viewers during MAL MY Season 1 stream

In a candid post on X, HusKKiee shared that the inaugural MAL MY Season was broadcast in two languages to enhance accessibility for fans. “Usually I tolerate the best I can when it comes to matters like this but this, I have to talk about. So today is the first time ever that there is a Mandarin broadcast for the first-ever MLBB Academy League in Malaysia. Viewers have 2 options, Mandarin or Bahasa broadcast,” he shared.

Unfortunately, HusKKiee’s excitement was marred by encounters with toxic behavior from some viewers who commented "blatantly racist things" during the Mandarin stream. “It’s fucking abhorrent that there are so many people out there who are just so ignorant that they think the world revolves around them till they mock and insult others. The amount of rage I feel right now towards these troglodytes is indescribable,” lamented HusKKiee.

HusKKiee, in his social media post, further emphasized the need for progress within the community and nation, stating, "We still have a long way to as a community and a nation,” and explained the effect of such comments by adding, "Long as caveman mindset like those in the comment section continue to poison the already degenerate minds of our people, we have no chance to advance, and can only regress”

Nevertheless, amidst his frustrations, the Malaysian caster remained resolute, asserting, “We can do better, but it’s going to be painful.”

As the MAL MY Season 1 enter its second week, HusKKiee's words served as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and inclusivity in the world of esports. The tournament’s livestream is accessible on YouTube and Facebook, offering broadcasts in both Bahasa and Mandarin. The tournament commenced on March 18th, with the second week scheduled to begin on March 25th, 2024.

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