Entity Gaming Wins Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Entity Gaming Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle Winner</p></div>
Entity Gaming Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle Winner


Entity Gaming and Blind Esports tied on points but the former emerged as the champion due to more number of placement points.
Blaze from Gods Reign was the most consistent player and was crowned the MVP of the Finals.

The Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023 has concluded with Entity Gaming being crowned the champion. The team showed consistent gameplay and dominated both the days of the event. Although Entity Gaming and Blind Esports were tied on total points and chicken dinners, the former was crowned champion on the basis of placement points.

Entity Gaming was placed at the top of the table with 149 points. Blind Esports placed second with 149 points as well. Global Esports placed third with 133 points and Team Soul closely followed them with 132 points. 

Hamza “Blaze” Hyderabadwala was the most consistent player across two days and was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Finals.

Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023 overall standings

Entity Gaming was the most consistent team and was placed at the top of the table with 149 points including 98 placement points and three chicken dinners. Blind Esports was tied with Entity Gaming with 149 points but had more kill points than placement points which meant it was placed second. Blind Esports grabbed 84 points on Day 2 which helped the team secure the second spot. 

The newly formed squad of Global Esports showed consistent gameplay across two days of the event to grab the third spot with 133 points. Team Soul was the close contender on Day 1 of the event but could not continue its momentum on Day 2 and was placed fourth with 132 points. Orangutan placed fifth with 128 points and one chicken dinner. Gods Reign placed sixth with 125 points and two chicken dinners. OR Esports and Godlike Esports were also tied with 105 points each. Godlike Esports was placed at the fifteenth spot after Day 1 but made an incredible comeback on Day 2 and grabbed 79 points to enter the top 8. 

These were the special awards of the event:

  • Dominator - NinjaBoi (Global Esports)

  • High Impact Player - Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral (GodLike Esports)

  • Lifesaver Player - Justin “Justin” Nadar (Gladiator Esports)

  • MVP - Hamza “Blaze” Hyderabadwala (Gods Reign)

  • Immortal Player -Tanishk “Admino” Singh (OR Esports)

  • Selfless Player - Harsh “Aquanox” Rao (Gods Reign)

  • Fan Favorite Team - Team Soul

Upthrust Esports Diwal Battle points table:

Teams like Orangutan and Team Soul were close contenders to win the event along with Entity Gaming but could not continue their momentum on the second day and slipped to the fourth and fifth spots. Gladiators Esports, the recent Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 champion, was one of the favorite teams to win the event but could not put forth good performances and ended up in fourteenth place.

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