E2MAX Shared How Omega Esports’ New Playstyle Is Influenced by OhMyV33NUS

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>E2MAX Shared How Omega Esports’ New Playstyle Is Influenced by OhMyV33NUS</p></div>
E2MAX Shared How Omega Esports’ New Playstyle Is Influenced by OhMyV33NUS



Omega Esports won a match against AP.Bren in the MPL PH Season 12 Regular Season Week 3.
According to E2MAX, Omega Esports studied Blacklist International in order to adjust to the recent patch update.

Omega Esports opened up the third week of the MPL PH (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines) Season 12 with a convincing victory over AP.Bren (Formerly known as Bren Esports). The renowned Comeback Kings finished the match with a 1-2 score against the 32nd SEA (Southeast Asia) Games gold medalists. According to the captain of Omega Esports, the team was able to improve their playstyle to fit the recent patch update by studying how Blacklist International played their games in previous tournaments. The team also shared how the Codebreakers and its iconic roamer Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna played a crucial role in introducing the utility support meta which contributed to Omega Epsorts’ victory against AP.Bren.

Omega Esports inspired by Blacklist International’s meta

Omega Esports’ match against AP.Bren was one of the matches where the most recent shift in meta is heavily noticed. The renowned Comeback Kings drafted Anglea all throughout the three games with its team captain Patrick "E2MAX" Caidic using it in the mid lane for two of the games.

Most of the players on both teams also used the new Wilderness Blessing talent that allows them to rotate faster when walking along the river.

Through a post-match press conference, the team shared how the team drew inspiration from Blacklist International’s iconic roamer OhMyV33NUS.

“I learned a lot from [OhMyV33NUS] ever since we fought against them, including the playstyle. Of course, [OhMyV33NUS] is very well-known when it comes to supporting playstyles. They scored multiple championships so [OhMyV33NUS] is the one I keep an eye out for when it comes to that sort of playstyle,” E2MAX explained.

Omega Esports’ iconic gold laner Grant "Kelra" Pillas echoed on their team captain’s statement. According to him, the team definitely studied how Blacklist International played around OhMyV33NUS’ playstyle.

“We really studied Blacklist International because, of course, when it comes to healers or utility, it’s [OhMy]V33NUS, which is still Blacklist, so we’re learning a few tricks from them,” he said.

Omega Esports inspired by Blacklist International’s meta


Omega Esports’ newfound playstyle shall be put to the test against RSG PH on 23rd September at 12:00 PM. It will be interesting to see how the recent resurgence of healing supports would affect the meta in MPL PH Season 12.

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