MobaZane Responds to Dogie's Offer to Join Nexplay


Dogie Discusses the Possibility of MobaZane Joining Nexplay EVOS or Other MPL PH Teams

John Dave Rossel
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Nexplay EVOS's assistant coach, Dogie, reveals that he is open to welcoming MobaZane onto his team.
Dogie explains that aside from Nexplay EVOS, MobaZane may also join Blacklist International, Bren Esports, ECHO, or TNC Pro Team.
MobaZane is looking forward to having a deeper discussion with Dogie regarding his transition to the PH MLBB Esports scene once he arrives in the Philippines.

BloodThirstyKing’s (BTK) team captain, Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun recently revealed his plans on moving to the Philippines (PH) to experience its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene. Following this, Nexplay EVOS’ assistant coach, Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio made a vlog, discussing the idea of MobaZane joining Nexplay EVOS. The assistant coach revealed that the BTK team captain would have several options once he arrives in the Philippines.

Shortly after Dogie made his statements, MobaZane responded on his own livestream by stating that he wants to discuss this even further with the former, once he arrives in the Philippines. However he underlined that he prefers being a pro player rather than a content creator.

Dogies is open to the possibility of acquiring MobaZane for Nexplay EVOS

Through one of Dogie’s vlogs, the Nexplay EVOS assistant coach revealed that he wants to test MobaZane against his amateur team, Nexplay 2.0. He added that the BTK team captain should build his own team first and fight Dogie’s amateur squad to measure his skills.

“MobaZane is strong, I admit. I’m not saying he’s weak. But if he plans to go here (Philippines), I would suggest he make his own team and fight NXP (Nexplay) 2.0,” Dogie said.

He added that while MobaZane is indeed strong, teams from the Philippines have made many improvements in their lineup, following the high standards set by Blacklist International and ONIC PH at the M3 World Championship. “After M3, all teams here have stepped up their gameplay,” he said. “Naturally, the players got stronger.”

Dogie also clarified that he understands MobaZane wants to be a pro player. However, since the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Phiilppines (PH) Season 9 has just kicked off, it would be impossible for MobaZane to immediately join the competition in the pro scene.

He added that he wants to know MobaZane’s long-term goals and what he wants to do aside from being a pro player in the Philippines. “I want him to talk to me, I wanna know his plans, maybe give him advice, if he wants to have a breakthrough,” the Nexplay assistant coach explained.

Dogie stated that MobaZane joining is not much of a problem to him since Nexplay EVOS has been in contact with one of BTK's members, ZIA, who is also a Filipino.

Which PH teams would MobaZane fit in?

According to Dogie, aside from Nexplay EVOS there are four professional teams that can maximize MobaZane’s capability in the MLBB esports scene.

  • Blacklist International is Dogie’s first suggestion, as the M3 World Champion is currently one of the top-tier teams in the world.

  • The second one is Bren Esports since one of MobaZane’s close friends, Paulo “Pauloxpert” Magno Munsayac, is the team’s assistant coach.

  • The third would be ECHO. Due to it being a superstar team MobaZane may fit in nicely.

  • The last one would be TNC Pro Team which is currently on top of the MPL PH Season 9 tables.

Dogie further elaborated that he is welcome to join Nexplay EVOS but the team will not be capitalizing on MobaZane’s fame since Nexplay already has a huge fanbase. He also added that he wants to keep his circle tight and secure. Nonetheless, Dogie wants to hear MobaZane’s plans on either becoming a pro player or a content creator.

MobaZane responds to Dogie

Through one of his livestreams, MobaZane responded to Dogie’s offer by saying he never liked being a content creator.

“He talked about something about content creators, I don’t know man! I’m not a content creator at the end of the day. I mean, I am, but pro above everything,” he said.

Regarding Dogie’s question about MobaZane’s long term goals, the BTK team captain responded that he is still thinking about it.

“He wants to know my long-term goals? I don’t know! I don’t even know my long-term goals!” MobaZane said.

Despite this, he is willing to have a deeper discussion with Dogie regarding his transition to the Philippines MLBB esports scene.

“Me, CHICKN, and CARTI are going to the Philippines and I want to talk to Dogie about it!” he said.

If MobaZane does get a chance to travel to the Philippines, it will be interesting to see how BTK members adjust to the ever-evolving meta in the PH MLBB esports scene.

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