Dionysus Dismisses Speculations About Joining 7Sea Esports

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dionysus dismisses rumors about joining 7Sea Esports and talks about Hydra.</p></div>

Dionysus dismisses rumors about joining 7Sea Esports and talks about Hydra.



Dionysus stated that he is currently just focused on playing the game casually and that he would only announce his future plans for his professional career when BGMI makes a return
He also opened up about Hydra and its current slot problem.

Jatin “Dionysus” Chauhan was seen playing scrims with players from 7Sea Esports. He was seen playing with Arth “VEXE” Trivedi , Harsh “SPRAYGOD” Malik, and Taha  “ALADIN” Khamkar in his recent livestream. When asked if he was joining 7Sea, he replied that he was just playing with them. He explained that he was not part of any organization at the time of streaming and that he would only be joining an organization would be out only once Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) makes a return. 

Dionysus denies claims of joining 7Sea Esports

After Dionysus was spotted playing with multiple 7Sea Esports players, fans were quick to speculate that the player was trialing with 7Sea Esports and began discussing the possiblity of the organization making an announcement about the same.. 

However, Dionysus was quick to shut down these speculations. , “I'm just playing with them right now. I have no one else to play with. I will join any org only once the game returns, “ he said. He added that 7Sea was an excellent team to practice with but that he has decided to not try-out with any teams until BGMI makes a return.

Dionysus also told his viewers that he would change the Hydra banner and channel name soon to avoid getting into trouble. 

Dionysus discusses Hydra’s Problem With Scrim Slots 

Hydra is one of the big names in the BGMI community. While having noticeable achievements as well as a promising lineup, they failed to secure a slot in the Upthrust Esports event as well as other T1 events. As per Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar, any team needs atleast three T1 players inorder to get scrim slots. Even Piyush “SpeRo” Bhatia in his livestream had said, “Why isnt Hydra getting a slot? I think so Hydra deserves a slot.

They need to fix a lineup first, without that i cannot comment on the same,” said Dionysus. He stated that he currently knows only Hrishav and Danger playing the game but is not sure if they are playing the game on a competitive level. 

Dionysus is currently uncertain about whether or not he plans to resume playing under the Hydra organization if the game is unbanned. At this point, he is unsure about his immediate future and will make an impulse decision based when required.

He also expressed his frustrations regarding an indefinite delay in the return of the game. He has reduced the time he puts into the game and wishes to resume when the game comes back. 

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