DEX STAR Explains What Blacklist International Lacks as a Team


DEX STAR Explains What Blacklist International Lacks as a Team

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International's sixth man and analyst, DEX STAR explains what the team needs to improve before the third week of the MPL PH Season 9.
DEX STAR added that he also needs to step up his game as he has not played competitively for over a year.
Blacklist International spoke about the Johnson-Kadita combo that ECHO used.

Blacklist International’s performance continues to go downhill in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. After suffering its fourth loss in the second week, the team admits that it is still lacking the team chemistry and macro play needed to dominate matches. While Blacklist International’s members are masters of their own craft, their team fights seem problematic and need improvement. The team’s gold laner Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Soriano also jokingly says that Blacklist International is aiming for a new record which is to finish with one win and 13 losses in the MPL PH Season 9 regular season.

DEX STAR explains what needs to improve

The lackluster performance of the defending champions this season is quite noticeable without its team captain Johnmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna and jungle player Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario.

Without a win in its second-week standing, Blacklist International went back to the drawing board and discussed what needs to be improved before the third week starts. Through a post-match press conference, the team’s analyst and mid laner, Dexstar “DEX STAR” Louise Cruz Alaba revealed that the team is lacking the team fight coordination and macro play it previously had with the V33Wise duo.

“For me, I think it’s our macro play. They’re all individually good but when it comes to clash, as a team, we really need to improve it,” he said.

The mid laner explained how the team used to know who to target without having to communicate too much. However, since the roster revamp, Blacklist International struggles to build its team chemistry.

“Just like before, for example, there’s a teamfight in the lord pit, who do we target? That’s what we managed to build during Seasons 7 and 8. Even if their eyes are closed, they still know what to do,” DEX STAR said.

DEX STAR added that he too needs to step up his game as it has been over a year since he last played competitively for the team.

“I need to catch up since it’s been a while since I played, so I need to match their level. Even if I can’t catch up, as long as I can support,” he said.

ECHO’s Johnson-Kadita combo caught Blacklist International by surprise

One of the highlights of the match between the defending champions and ECHO’s super team was the unexpected combo by Jankurt "KurtTzy" Russel Matira’s Johnson and Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera’s Kadita.

According to OHEB, this strategy, albeit unexpected, was not something new as Blacklist International had seen this strategy multiple times, especially during MPL Indonesia.

“Unexpected, but we already saw the Johnson and Kadita pick, we weren’t surprised because it has been used against us before. We also saw it in MPL Indonesia which is BTR’s (Bigetron Alpha) combo,” said the gold laner.

However, according to DEX STAR, the unpredictability of the hero Johnson made it hard for the team to plan a counterattack leading to the team losing the match series with a 0-2 scoreline against ECHO.

Blacklist International could not fight back against ECHO's team composition.

“When Johnson is in driving mode, it’s hard. You’ll never know where he will appear. All you know is where he is heading,” he said.

Blacklist International hopes to learn from this experience as the team prepares to face Bren Esports in the third week of the MPL PH Season 9.

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