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Destro’s Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Gamers

Umesh Borkar
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Destro says aspiring gamers should learn from their mistakes in order to be successful.
He also said that players will have failures especially in the esports scene and that they should keep learning and improving.

Ammar “Destro” Khan is one of the veteran players in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). He is the In Game Leader (IGL) of Gladiator Esports, the team that was recently crowned the champion of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) 2023 Season 2 and the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. Gladiator Esports was formed just before the start of BGIS 2023 and the team had an exceptional run in both the tournaments.

In a recent interview, Destro talked about how upcoming players and aspiring gamers may face challenges in the initial stages of their careers and how they should tackle them to be successful in the gaming industry.

Destro shares a message for aspiring gamers 

Destro, being one of the most seasoned BGMI athletes, has always looked to motivate upcoming players. 

In a recent interview with Afk Gaming, Destro was asked to share some advice for the upcoming players and aspiring gamers to which he responded, “My advice to the players would be that don’t think about what people say. If you want to come in the field of gaming and esports, start putting in hard work from now. There will be a lot of failures in this field especially in the esports scene, and very less success. Failures will come but you will have to learn from them and work on your mistakes and make a strong comeback and eventually everyone will be successful.”

Destro has been playing BGMI since the game’s release and has achieved a lot of success by winning multiple A Tier and B Tier titles across years. He also played the recently concluded BGMI India vs Korea Invitational and the team had a decent performance in the event.

Having played with a number of young and skilled players, Destro has kept his advice simple: in order to succeed, they must constantly strive to learn from their mistakes and keep getting better.

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