Demonkite Achieves First Career Savage as RSG PH Upsets TNC Pro Team



Demonkite Achieves First Career Savage as RSG PH Upsets TNC Pro Team

John Dave Rossel
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RSG PH scored a 2-1 reverse sweep against TNC Pro Team in the 6th week of the MPL PH Season 10.
Demonkite achieved his first Savage kill streak as an MLBB pro player.
Light and Demonkite shared their thoughts on Rapidoots statement regarding the pre-season RSG PH tryouts.

RSG PH’s star jungler Jhonard “Demonkite” Caranto pulled off the first Savage kill streak of his career in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. The raiders were able to secure a reverse sweep against TNC Pro Team to reach the second spot on the leaderboard with 17 points in total. TNC Pro Team, on the other hand, is still at a critical spot and is at risk of being knocked out of the playoffs stage.

Through a post-match press conference, Demonkite shared his thoughts regarding Ralph "Rapidoot" Adrales’ statement saying he was supposed to join RSG PH but backed out of the offer and joined ONIC PH instead.

RSG PH denies TNC Pro Team of its redemption arc 

The defending champion of the MPL PH Season 10, RSG PH, continued its dominant run in the regular season after a successful 2-1 reverse sweep against TNC Pro Team.

The Phoenix squad managed to secure a victory in the first game with a major turnaround thanks to Mark “Kramm” Rusiana’s Paquito applying map pressure which divided RSG PH’s attention. However, the raiders learned from their mistakes in the first game and set their sights on a much more offensive approach, resulting in Demonkite securing a Savage kill streak at the 16-minute mark of the third game before closing the series with a win.

Demonkite scores his first Savage kill streak.


RSG PH Light and Demonkite shared their thoughts on Rapidoot’s statement

ONIC PH’s roamer Rapidoot previously shared his story on how he tried out for RSG PH and did not push through. This resulted in Dylan “Light” Catipon getting the chance to join the raiders.

Shortly after winning against TNC Pro Team, Light shared his own side of the story stating that there were five potential players that could have joined the team.

“To what he said about him being the one supposedly joining [instead of me], actually, coach Panda has top 5 [candidates] which is me, Perkz, Owgwen, Rapidoot, and someone I forgot, but there’s five of us,” RSG PH’s star roamer explained.

However, according to Light, he was the only one that showed up when they were summoned.

“They didn’t show up, but that’s not my problem,” he added.

RSG PH Light and shared his thoughts on Rapidoot’s statement


Demonkite also shared his thoughts during the post-match press conference. According to him, there was no final verdict when RSG PH had the tryouts so it wasn’t even sure if Rapidoot was going to join the team in the first place.

“Actually, during the tryouts, there was no finalist during that time. No one was assured to be recruited within the five. Whoever goes to the Bootcamp for tryouts and who plays better, he’s the one who gets recruited,” Demonkite explained.

Light and Rapidoot will get a chance to face each other one more time as RSG PH will go up against ONIC PH on 18th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). TNC Pro Team will have to find a way to recover from its shaky performance as it goes up next against Omega Esports on the same day at 7:30 PM (PHT).

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