Cricket Meets Battle Royale: BGMI Collaborates with Mumbai Indians



Cricket Meets Battle Royale: BGMI Collaborates with Mumbai Indians

Vignesh Raghuram
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Krafton India unveils a collaboration between BGMI and Mumbai Indians, bringing exclusive cricket-themed in-game items to celebrate the spirit of cricket.
Building on a successful partnership with Hardik Pandya, this collaboration extends cricket's influence in BGMI with exclusive items and emotes.
Amidst a surge in online gaming revenue, this strategic partnership highlights monetization potential and fan engagement, leveraging Mumbai Indians' IPL legacy.

In a groundbreaking move that's set to blend the adrenaline-pumping action of battle royale gaming with the heart-thumping excitement of cricket, Krafton India has announced a landmark collaboration. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI is teaming up with the Mumbai Indians, the five-time champions of the Indian Premier League (IPL), to introduce exclusive in-game items that embody the spirit of cricket.

BGMI x Mumbai Indians Partnership Follows a Successful Collab With Captain Pandya

The partnership between BGMI and Mumbai Indians follows the earlier announcement in September 2023 of a collaboration with Hardik Pandya, the captain of the Mumbai Indians. Pandya, renowned for his flamboyant style and aggressive play on the field, brought a unique flair to BGMI with exclusive in-game items that mirrored his personality. From outfits and helmets to voice packs and cricket-themed emotes, players were able to immerse themselves in the spirit of cricket and emulate their favorite all-rounder's style in the game.

Central to this cricket-themed celebration was the introduction of the BGMI Cricket 33 Crate, named in honor of Hardik Pandya's jersey number. This special crate offered players a treasure trove of rewards, including the Hardik Pandya Voice Pack, the Hardik Blitz 33 Cap, and the No.33 White and Blue Cricket Sets, among others. Each item in the crate was meticulously designed to bring the world of cricket into the heart of BGMI, allowing players to showcase their love for the game and their support for Pandya and the Mumbai Indians.

We can expect to see something similar with Mumbai Indians, perhaps during the IPL 2024 which kicks off on 22nd March.

This collaboration not only enriches the gaming experience for fans of BGMI and cricket alike but also marks a significant milestone in the monetization strategies of mobile gaming in India. According to a recent FICCI-EY report, the online gaming sector witnessed a substantial increase in paid gamers, reaching approximately 90 million in 2023, with transaction-based game revenues growing by 21% to INR182 billion. BGMI, standing as a frontrunner in monetization within the Indian app market, demonstrates the potential of strategic partnerships to captivate audiences and drive revenue.

The Mumbai Indians, with their storied history and success in the IPL, bring a legacy of excellence and a vast fan base to this collaboration. Since their inception in 2008 by Reliance Industries, the team has captured the IPL title five times, earning a reputation as one of the league's most formidable franchises.

It will be interesting to see how these two behemoths join forces with this new partnership.

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