COD Mobile World Championship 2022: Groups Revealed


COD Mobile World Championship 2022: GodLike and Vitality in Separate Groups

The groups have been revealed.

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The groups for COD Mobile World Championship 2022 have been revealed and both the Indian representatives are in separate groups.
GodLike Esports and Team Vitality are the two teams from India that will be competing in the first-ever COD Mobile championships to take place on LAN.
Here are complete details about the Group Stage team distribution and overall tournament format.

Information about all groups for the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022 has been revealed by Activision. The 16 qualified teams have been divided into four groups of four teams each, both the Indian representatives, GodLike Esports and Team Vitality, not facing each other in the Group Stage of the tournament.

This is great news for all the fans and supporters back home as both teams now have a chance of making it to the Playoffs where they may or may not end up facing each other.

Here are complete details about how the teams have been divided for the Group Stage and overall format that will be followed at the tournament.

COD Mobile World Championship 2022 Groups Announced: Complete Details

The COD Mobile World Championship 2022 is right around the corner all set to take place from 15th to 18th December in front of a live audience at Raleigh, North Carolina, featuring a massive total prize pool of $1,700,000 USD (INR 13,84,43,750).

Earlier today, the qualified had been divided into four groups of four teams each to chart out the entire Group Stage. Here are complete details about all the four groups,

Group A

  • GodLike Esports - India

  • NYSL Mayhem - North America

  • STMN Esports - Europe

  • Smart Omega - Garena

Group B

  • iNCO Gaming - Latin America

  • STRUT esports - Europe

  • Team Vitality - India

  • Wolves - CDM Season 4

Group C

  • Influence Chemin Esports - Latin America

  • Qing Jiu Club - CDM Points

  • SCARZ - Japan

  • Tribe Gaming - North America

Group D

  • ALMGHTY - Garena

  • Luminosity Gaming - North America

  • Nova Esports EU - Europe

  • SKADE - Latin America

Tickets for COD Mobile World Championship 2022 are on sale

This stage of the tournament will be following a straight forward double-elimination bracket where every single match will feature a best-of-five series.

The top two teams from each group will move ahead to the Playoffs which will also follow a double-elimination bracket with all matches being a best-of-five series, except for the grand finals which will host a special best-of-seven match.

Map rotation for the best-of-five series will be as follows,

  1. Hardpoint

  2. Search and Destroy

  3. Point Control

  4. Hardpoint

  5. Search and Destroy

The maps for the tournament will be as follows,

  1. Firing Range

  2. Standoff

  3. Takeoff

  4. Raid

  5. Summit

  6. Slums

  7. Hacienda

Total prize pool of the tournament will be split between all the 16 teams competing in this tournament, the value of prize money depending on the team's overall placement.

It will be interesting to see how the teams from India fare in this first COD Mobile World Championship which is taking place in an offline setting.

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