COD: Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift: New Modes, Maps, Release Date & More


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COD: Mobile Season 9 Graveyard Shift: New Modes, Maps, Release Date & More

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Patrol Mode Introduces Chaos: Capture and control moving zones in this exciting multiplayer addition.
Mythic Weapon Unleashed: Discover the Mythic CX-9 — Lethal Hollow and its angelic, advanced design.
Ghostly Festivities Await: Engage in spectral games and Halloween-themed events for thrilling rewards.

In a chilling release scheduled for October 4th at 5PM PT, Call of Duty: Mobile unveils its eagerly awaited Season 9 — Graveyard Shift. This Halloween-themed season promises an array of spine-tingling content, including the return of Undead Siege, a new Multiplayer Patrol Mode, a host of Battle Pass treasures, the latest Mythic Weapon, and much more.

Season 9 Battle Pass - Premium Pass Tiers

For those opting for the Premium Pass, an assortment of exclusive content beckons. Unlock spine-chilling Operator Skins like Witch Doctor — Lethal Cure, Demir — Lurking Dead, Portnova — Funny Bone, and Misty — In the Spirit. The Battle Pass introduces a range of spine-tingling Weapon Blueprints, including the CR-56 AMAX — Final Testament, Chopper — The Great Beyond, M4 — Nocturne Mortis, Kilo Bolt-Action — Rex Mortem, and the CX-9 — Deathly Light, all inspired by Season 9's new weapon.

Additionally, the Battle Pass Subscription offers extra rewards, a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, and limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. This season, consider the three-month subscription for an extended supply of rewards.

COD: Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass

Season 9 Battle Pass

The Return of Zombies Classic, Undead Siege

Undead Siege and Zombies Classic make a spine-chilling comeback, doubling the dose of undead terror. Both modes arrive with fresh challenges, classes, rewards, and gameplay balance updates.

Brave the Horrors of Halloween Standoff, Haunted Hacienda

The iconic multiplayer maps, Standoff and Hacienda, receive a spine-chilling Halloween makeover. These maps, featured in a diverse playlist, promise intense and eerie showdowns.

Compete in Patrol Mode, Other Multiplayer Updates

Season 9 introduces Patrol Mode, originally featured in Call of Duty®: Vanguard®. This mode tasks Operators with capturing and controlling a moving zone on the map. Points accumulate while a team holds the zone, and the game continues until the zone becomes contested.

Patrol Mode in COD: Mobile

Patrol Mode

In addition, Prop Hunt receives exciting new additions with fresh maps, props, and game mechanics that keep human and prop interactions intriguing.

Ranked Search & Rescue joins the multiplayer lineup, offering a unique twist on Search & Destroy. Eliminated players drop tags, and respawns become possible if a teammate retrieves their tag before the enemy does.

New Themed Events

The season brings forth three thrilling events, offering enticing rewards and shielding players from Rank XP losses in Ranked Play.

  • Halloween Themed Fright Factory Event: Players can earn Pumpkin Candy lottery tickets by completing challenges in Multiplayer and Battle Royale, leading to milestone rewards like Ajax — Flesh Golem and Kilo 141 — Webspinner.

  • Ghost Chasing Spectral Smackdown: A spectral festival game awaits players, featuring a board with nine holes. By completing daily challenges, players accumulate energy to rack up points by whacking ghosts.

  • Team-Up Rank Shield Event: For competitive Ranked Play, this event provides protection against Rank XP losses, allowing players to improve their skills without fear of setbacks.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

Embrace the season with new Seasonal Challenges and Events, each offering enticing rewards, including Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and the new HS0405 Thunder Rounds Signature Attachment.

Store Update: New Mythic Weapon Draw and More

The Store receives a chilling update with the Mythic CX-9 — Lethal Hollow, a weapon boasting advanced technology wrapped in an angelic form. Lucky winners can also acquire the Kestrel — Blessed Hollow Operator Skin and more.

New Mythic CX-9 in COD: Mobile

New Mythic CX-9

Season 9 — Graveyard Shift is poised to deliver a spine-tingling Halloween experience to Call of Duty: Mobile players. From Battle Pass perks to undead sieges, haunted maps, and themed events, this season promises an unforgettable adventure. Prepare to face your fears as Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 9 — Graveyard Shift launches on October 4th at 5PM PT. See you online for a haunting experience like never before.

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