COD Mobile Season 5 - Get Wrecked: All That Is Coming With the Next Update

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD Mobile Season&nbsp;map, guns, modes and the battle pass reward</p></div>
COD Mobile Season&nbsp;map, guns, modes and the battle pass reward


COD Mobile Season 5

COD Mobile Season 5 - "Get Wrecked" goes live on next week on May 31 at 5 PM Pacific Time.
The developers have already released details of a new map, a new assault rifle, new modes, and battle pass rewards.

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) is still a week away but the developers already have released detailed information of the next season’s content. The update also mentions this is the first of two community updates for season 5. While this one revolves around the theme and content of the upcoming season, the following one will contain details of weapon adjustments and more.

COD: Mobile Season 5 Launch Date and Time

“Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile community! We are here and stoked to share that Season 5 has been announced for Call of Duty: Mobile. Launching next week on 5/31 5 PM PT will be Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 – Get Wrecked! Embrace your inner anarchy to get ready for the brand-new season that brings all new content, modes, and updates,” posted Call of Duty: Mobile on their official channels to announce the launch of season 5

COD Mobile Season 5 Theme

The theme of the next season takes place on the high seas where players will experience battle on ship decks and underwater. “The Atlas Corporation has overstepped its boundaries once again, and the public is fed up. With protests and demonstrations flooding the streets, it’s time for the Operators in the middle of it all to take a stand. But when the dust clears, who will be left standing?” posted Activisoion on their official website, teasing the theme for the new season.

However, this is not the first time COD Mobile is introducing a marine theme. The theme bears a fair bit of resemblance with the “In Deep Water” theme from COD Mobile Season 5 in 2021.

Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

Now, as for the most important update for the players, the list of rewards for the next season’s battle pass has also been revealed. 

Operator Skins from season 5 Battle Pass: 

Rampage — Showdown; Synaptic — Neutralizer; Sims — Regulator; and Roze — Smokey Skies.

Weapon Blueprints from season 5 Battlepass:  AK117 — Corporate Issue; the ZRG 20MM — Holy Roman; FFAR 1 — Burnt a Cinder; Shorty — Patched; and the Switchblade X9 — Treachery

New Multiplayer Map: Armada Strike

Armada Strike, another multiplayer map, is making its way to COD Mobile’s map pool for the next season. The map encompasses a large area that hosts 6v6 matches in the Cold War multiplayer mode. To give players an idea of what kind of experience awaits on this map the officials wrote on their official website “Armada Strike challenges players with skirmishes above and below deck and includes rappel lines for rapid access between both levels. Dive into the water to conduct aquatic flanking attacks and fight for possession of the central control room to cut off a critical pathway through the ship”.

New Scorestreak: The Guardian

The new scorestreak in season 5 will let players place a device that will emit a cone of radiation that will slow enemy movement, distort their vision, and even cause minor damage. It functions similarly to a Sentry Gun and can be placed in a location of player’s choice for 60 seconds.

New Scorestreak: The Guardian

COD Mobile Season 5

New Multiplayer Mode: Search & Rescue

Season 5 will introduce a brand new multiplayer mode in the game called Search & Rescue. Combining gameplay elements from Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed, “Search & Rescue tasks players with attacking or defending bomb sites”. In this mode,players will witness a never before seen feature in COD Mobile’s multiplayer - reviving downed teammates once per round.

Trophy System in Battle Royale

Trophy system, one of the highly used tactical items in respawn modes, is getting added to battle royale loot. Rest assured, the following season will continue to feature Alcatraz as a time limited event. 

Apart from the aforementioned features, there will also be a new assault rifle - FFAR 1 added to the game’s weapon armory. COD Mobile has also released details for stage 3 of World Championship Qualifiers where players can earn up to 12000 CP. As usual, there will be more seasonal content that will be released over the course of the next month. You can find more about them in the official discord channel of COD Mobile.

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