COD Mobile Season 3 (2024): Free COD Points, Legendary Crates, Epic P2W Gun Skin


COD Mobile Season 3 (2024): Free COD Points, Legendary Crates, Epic P2W Gun Skin

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Grab epic 'Savaged Fate' AK-117 blueprint with pay-to-win iron sights for free from the latest event.
Amazon Prime members get free PP19 'Gold Grinder' epic weapon blueprint.
COD points event for Garena players only along with a chance to score up to 1,000 CP from the Luminous Journey event.

COD Mobile (Call of Duty: Mobile) has been keeping players engaged with a steady stream of new content, rewards, and limited-time offerings. As Season 3 kicks into high gear, Activision has unveiled a treasure trove of freebies and bonuses that dedicated gamers will not want to miss out on.

From epic gun blueprints and legendary crates to free COD points and exclusive bundles, there's something for everyone in the latest wave of updates. Whether you're a casual player or a die-hard fan of the popular mobile shooter, the following rewards and events are sure to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more action-packed gameplay.

Latest Free and Premium Events in COD Mobile Season 3: Vintage Vigilance

Free Legendary Crate: Off to the Races

Starting with the legendary 'Off to the Races' crate, which includes the legendary Sandstorm snowboard, the epic Vanguard operator in the Ridge Rider uniform, and other epic items in the steam-powered design.

This legendary crate can be obtained simply under the 'Event - Featured' tab by logging into the game, despite the low probability of acquiring the legendary or epic items.

Free legendary Off to the Races crate in CODM

Free legendary Off to the Races crate

Free AK-117: Savaged Fate

An epic blueprint for the AK-117 called 'Savaged Fate', which features pay-to-win iron sights, was discovered by data miners in the game files at the beginning of the current season 3, Vintage Vigilance.

This blueprint can be unlocked for free in the upcoming "Hot to It" event, which has already started on 28th March and will be coming to an end on 17th April 2024.

Ring the Spring Event (Not Free)

Furthermore, five different bundles have returned to COD Mobile from 22nd to 27th March 2024. The rare 'Cozy Up' bundle with the rare Tangu insulated operator and the Epic 'Ghost Loose Ends' bundle have already returned. The 'Adrenaline Rush' bundle with the rare Nomad Artisan operator skin returned on 25th March, followed by the 'Crescent Moon' bundle on 26th March, and the 'Executive Depot' bundle on 27th March.

Ring the Spring Event in CODM

Ring the Spring Event 

Prime Gaming Bundle

For Amazon Prime Gaming customers, there is an opportunity to unlock a free bundle. A new COD Mobile bundle has appeared in the Amazon Gaming store, which includes the epic PP19 - Gold Grinder blueprint.

PP19 - Gold Grinder in CODM Prime Gaming Rewards

PP19 - Gold Grinder

To become an Amazon Prime customer, users can go to the Amazon Prime Gaming store, click on the profile icon or the 'Sign Up' button, and create a new Amazon account. After entering the required information (which can be fantasy data), users will receive a code to the provided email address, which they can use to sign in and gain access to the free PP19 Gold Grinder bundle for COD Mobile.

Free COD Points Events (Garena Only)

Free COD Points event

Free COD Points events for Garena players

Additionally, players have a chance to win up to 1,000 COD points for free in the current Luminous Journey event. All they need to do is collect the luminous energy obtained by completing puzzles or picking it up for free in the mission section. Then, switch to the Luminous Spin section, click on the 'Unlock Spin One' button, and with a bit of luck, they'll get up to 1,000 COD points for free from COD Mobile itself.

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