COD: Mobile Season 11 Mythics, Legendaries, Ranked Skins; All Revealed



COD: Mobile Season 11 Mythics, Legendaries, Ranked Skins; All Revealed

Ahsan Kabir
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Season 11 introduces the highly anticipated Mythic Grau 556 and Mythic Siren.
Explore the Christmas Series Armory offering six Christmas-themed legendary skins.

Season 11 in Call of Duty Mobile brings forth a wave of captivating skins, Ranked Series Rewards, and enticing offerings in the Christmas Series Armory, elevating the visual and cosmetic experience for players. In this article, what exciting inventory upgrades are awaiting players for the next season.

Mythic Grau Coming Next Season

The highlight of the upcoming season lies in the introduction of Mythic items alongside a diverse range of epic skins. Embracing the Siren Song theme, players can anticipate the coveted Mythic Grau 556 which resembles parts of previous mythics before like the iron sight of Mythic Oden and the design of Mythic Kilo and sound effects that are similar to Mythic QQ9.

Mythic Siren Character Skin

For the first time ever, players will be getting two mythic skins in the same season. The second one in the form of the mythic Siren character. Although data miners weren't able to extract it's outlook as the files were missing, the items of the rest of the draw were revealed, which also includes a legendary skin of the BK-57 AR.

Legendary Groza Skin in COD: Mobile Season 11

Moreover, the Legendary Groza skin showcased in evered Flowers Lucky Draw dazzles with its intricate design, that features a golden hue along with a resounding kill effect.

Here is the list of Severed Flowers Lucky DRAW rewards 

  • Legendary Groza – Severed Flowers

  • Epic Character – Rin Yoshida

  • Epic ZRG 20mm – Vision In Black

  • Epic Katana Hachi – Vision In Black

  • Epic Motorbike – Vision In Black

  • Epic Trophy System – Vision In Black

  • Legendary Charm – Severed Flowers

  • Legendary Banner – Severed Flowers

  • Epic Emote

  • Epic Wingsuit

Ranked Series Rewards and Christmas Series Armory

In Christmas Series Armory, though the PPSH 41 Legendary skin remains in a different draw, players can still look forward to six Christmas-themed legendary skins. This promises a festive touch to the arsenal, adding vibrancy and flair to the game.

The Chiasmas series armory draw will follow a similar draw system like the Halloween Armory draw, but this time, it'll be a series of old legendary skins only. You can find out the list of skins below.

As part of the Ranked Series Rewards, players will receive the Yegor skin and the Striker 45 epic blueprint, promising a rewarding journey for those griding on ranked. Furthermore, a sneak peek into the Ice Locked Camo was also leaked which players can unlock by participating in the tournament mode.

Beyond these, players can explore an array of skins and cosmetics across various categories, including characters, weapons, and camouflages, ensuring a diverse and visually appealing gaming experience throughout Season 11.

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