COD: Mobile Leaker Reveals A Free Legendary Blueprint for Global Version



COD: Mobile Leaker Reveals A Free Legendary Blueprint for Global Version

Ahsan Kabir
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Leaker hints at first free Legendary Blueprint for COD: Mobile's Global Version in Season 10.
Players may collect Black Gold Royal Cards to redeem the sought-after M4 weapon skin.

In a recent tweet that has taken the COD: Mobile community by storm, renowned leaker AminGhx disclosed that the first-ever free Legendary Blueprint for the Global Version might be introduced in Season 10. Named the Legendary M4 "Black Gold Royal", players will have the opportunity to collect 100 Black Gold Royal Exchange Cards between 9/11/2023 and 7/2/2024 to redeem this coveted weapon.

However, AminGhx was quick to add a disclaimer, noting that the information was extracted from the Global Version configuration files and could be subject to change until an official announcement is made. He also clarified that this legendary M4 is not related to the Kurohana Crate and will be available through a distinct special event.

Community Reactions: Free M4 Legendary Skin for Global Servers

The revelation has sparked a flurry of reactions among the COD: Mobile community. Some players were initially confused, mistaking the news for another anticipated reveal. Questions arose regarding the quality and performance of the gun. Players wondered if, being free, it might not match up to the standards of other legendary weapons. A wave of excitement was evident, with many expressing joy and anticipation for the new addition. Curiosity was piqued about the specifics of the Black Gold card and how it would function.

Several players highlighted the move's inclusivity, noting it as a positive step for Free-to-Play (F2P) gamers. The design of the weapon blueprint received praise, with remarks about its appealing aesthetics. Speculations were rife, with some wondering if this could be tied to an anniversary event for COD: Mobile. A few humorously commented that, regardless of the positive news, there would always be those who'd find a reason to complain.

It's worth noting that while the Chinese and Garena versions of the game often receive premium freebies, global players have felt somewhat sidelined, missing out on such generous offerings from the officials. Even though this new Legendary M4 might not be considered top-tier among the current legendary roster of skins, any free legendary gun skin holds significant value for the global user base, marking a potential shift in the game's dynamics.

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