COD Mobile Introduces Limited Edition Girls' Frontline Lucky Draws in Season 7 for Specific Regions

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>COD: Mobile: Limited Edition Lucky Draws that Global Players are going to miss in Season 7</p></div>
COD: Mobile: Limited Edition Lucky Draws that Global Players are going to miss in Season 7



COD: Mobile and Girls' Frontline collaborate with exclusive lucky draws in Season 7.
Legendary ICR Gun Skin and M4 Assault rifle skins have been unveiled for limited edition draws.
Global players have been left disappointed as this exclusive collaboration remains limited to specific versions.

Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile) players around the world are gearing up for an exciting Season 7, which promises to bring new collaborations and limited edition lucky draws. One of the most anticipated collaborations is with the popular mobile strategy role-playing game, Girls' Frontline. However, there's a disappointing twist for global players as they are set to miss out on two amazing limited edition lucky draws in this collaboration.

Exclusive Limited Edition Lucky Draws for Garena and Chinese Version

Recently, the Korean COD: Mobile Twitter account made an exciting announcement that the Girls' Frontline collaboration and its corresponding skins will also be available on the Korean server. However, it seems that the global server will be left out once again. This news has left many international players disappointed, as they were eagerly waiting to participate in the limited edition lucky draws

For those unfamiliar with Girls' Frontline, it's a mobile game developed by MICA Team, where players control android characters known as T-Dolls, each equipped with real-world firearms. The collaboration between COD: Mobile and Girls' Frontline marks the second time they've come together to celebrate the gaming community's love for both titles.

The collaboration event introduces various activities and missions that players can engage in to obtain unique rewards. Among the most enticing features are the limited edition lucky draws, which will be available in the Garena and Chinese versions of COD: Mobile. These lucky draws will include exclusive weapon skins, adding a touch of style and customization to players' arsenals.

The first lucky draw will feature a legendary ICR Gun Skin, which has already captured the attention of many players. This exquisite skin not only boasts a stunning design but also offers a custom iron sight for enhanced aiming precision. What sets this skin apart from the others is the ability to change the prominent sticker placed on the weapon. Players will have a selection of equippable stickers to choose from, making their ICR truly unique and personalized.

In the second collaboration lucky draw, players will have the chance to acquire a legendary skin for the M4 Assault rifle. This skin also comes with a custom iron sight, but what makes it even more appealing is the addition of a special weapon inspection animation.

Collaboration Event Details

Girls' Frontline fans are delighted with this collaboration as it brings their beloved T-Dolls to the COD: Mobile universe. On the other hand, COD: Mobile players from various countries are expressing their frustration and hope that the game developers reconsider making these exclusive skins available to a broader audience.

As Season 7 unfolds, players on the Garena and Chinese versions of COD: Mobile can look forward to equipping their favorite weapons with legendary skins from Girls' Frontline. For global players, though they may miss out on these limited edition lucky draws, the collaboration event itself serves as a reminder of the shared passion and unity among gamers worldwide.

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