COD: Mobile Global Players Stand a Chance to win Free CP; Check How


COD: Mobile

COD: Mobile Global Players Stand a Chance to win Free CP

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Complete 3 weapon challenges for a chance to win 560 COD points.
Taking screenshots after finishing challenges enters you to win rewards.

The official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account recently published a post announcing a new challenge for players looking to improve their skills in 2024. But more importantly, the officials will offer players free CP for completing the set of challenges by just grinding and submitting a proof of completion. The challenges are fairly easy and in this article we will talk about the entire process.

Call of Duty Mobile Surprises Fans With New Year's Resolution Challenges to win Free CPs

The post included an image detailing three challenges players can complete for a surprise reward.

1. The first challenge requires getting 10 kills with the KSP 45 submachine gun without dying. This should be a relaxed challenge for most players.

2. The second challenge tasks players with completing a multiplayer or ranked match using the Man-O-War assault rifle without any weapon attachments. Winning or losing the match does not matter, only completing it with the base Man-O-War.

3. The third and likely most difficult challenge is to get a no-scope kill with the Locus sniper rifle in a multiplayer match. The close quarters of the Shipment map can make this easier to accomplish.

How to Complete Challenge to get Free CP

To prove completion of the challenges, players must take screenshots or video clips and reply to the official post with the word "done." Those who complete all three challenges then simply have to wait patiently to receive a surprise reward of 560 COD points directly messaged to them.

Keep in mind not everyone who finishes the challenges will receive the COD points. The rewards seem to be distributed randomly. Still, these New Year's resolution challenges present a fun opportunity for fans to test their skills and potentially earn some free currency.

The developers have also released the test server for next season where players can win free rewards. Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Test Server for 2024 allows players a sneak peek at upcoming content before the season's official release. Gamers can download the Test Server using provided links to explore features and provide feedback. Season 2 speculation includes a new multiplayer mode, lobby UI, weapons, rank series, tournament mode, and Lunar New Year-themed armory series.

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