Cloud9 Released its Entire Wild Rift Roster


Cloud9 Releases Its Entire Wild Rift Roster

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Cloud9 has released it's Wild Rift roster.
It's former members are now looking for new teams to join.
Cloud9 is yet to reveal if it plans to return to the Wild Rift esports scene with a new roster or not.

One of the biggest esports organizations in America, Cloud9 has released its League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift roster. One of its former members Donovan "Zelo" Man is now looking for a new team to join. The pro player was temporarily signed as a stand-in for Immortals during the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 to fill in for players as the was team facing visa issues. It is still unclear whether Cloud9 shall be revamping its roster from scratch or will it officially disband its Wild Rift esports division. The California-based esports organization has been underperforming in the Wild Rift esports scene since its debut back in 2021.

Zelo announces his departure from Cloud9’s Wild Rift team

Various members of Cloud9’s Wild Rift squad have announced their departure from the team. The esports organization currently has no remaining members for its mobile MOBA esports division. This led to fans speculating that it may be disbanding its Wild Rift team or is it looking to compete with new members.

Cloud9 is one of the most iconic esports organizations in the LoL PC competitive scene. Its PC team even put forth an amazing performance during the 2020 Spring Split where it had a 92.9% Win Rate with a total of 25 wins and two losses.

However, the organization struggled to make the same impression in the franchise’s mobile MOBA counterpart. The only tournament the team won over the course of its career in the Wild Rift esports scene is the Fight Night Rift Week 9, where the team secured first place after a clean sweep victory against No More Ego (NME).

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Donovan “Zelo” Man - Baron Lane

  • Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian - Jungle Lane

  • Alex “Meals” Phan - Mid Lane

  • Gabriel “Oldskool” Villamariona - Dragon Lane

  • Zack “Selmaw” Wan - Support

Cloud9 is yet to confirm whether the esports organization is disbanding its Wild Rift division or not. However, considering that Riot Games has bigger plans for the mobile MOBA title’s esports ecosystem for the year 2023, the California-based organization may be returning with a new and improved squad in the future.

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