Bullet Echo India Officially Launches to Rave Reviews


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Bullet Echo India Officially Launches to Rave Reviews

Vignesh Raghuram
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In a strategic move to capitalize on India's burgeoning mobile gaming market, KRAFTON India, in collaboration with ZeptoLab, officially launched Bullet Echo India today. The game, which uniquely caters to the Indian audience, has rapidly ascended to the top of the Google Play Store's charts since its soft launch on April 4, showcasing its immediate resonance with local gamers.

Bullet Echo India has already amassed over 500 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store where it boasts a 4.4-star rating. The enthusiasm is even higher among iOS users, with the game receiving a 4.6-star rating on the App Store. These ratings reflect the positive reception and robust engagement from the gaming community.

A Casual Game For The Masses? Bullet Echo India Finds Favor With Indian Gamers

Bullet Echo India differentiates itself as a multiplayer PvP tactical top-down shooter, which infuses traditional battle royale elements with brisk, team-based strategies. The game features a rich tapestry of Indian culture, introducing characters with Indian-themed skins such as Maharani Sparkle, Dancer Mirage, and Raja Slayer, and even includes a special crossover with the popular BGMI, adding a unique skin for the hero Stalker.

Bullet Echo India Hands-On Impressions


In a recent interview with AFK Gaming, Anuj Sahani, Head of KRAFTON Incubator Program and Advisor for India Publishing Department, delved into the motivations and challenges of bringing this localized version to fruition. Sahani highlighted the lack of casual multiplayer shooting games in the Indian market, particularly those offering brief session times. “This launch is part of a broader strategy to expand our footprint within the shooting genre in India,” Sahani stated, noting the game's design for quick and engaging play sessions lasting just one to two minutes, ideal for gamers on the go.

Following the launch, Sahani chalked this up as another win for Krafton India. "The positive response from players and the rankings are a testament to KRAFTON's deep understanding of Indian gamers' preferences,” Sahani said. He also highlighted the inclusive development team, praising the significant role of women developers who "have truly set a new standard in the industry."

The launch event captured considerable attention from the gaming community and industry onlookers, signaling KRAFTON's commitment to expanding its footprint in the Indian market. The game's launch also aligns with growing trends in mobile gaming, where developers are increasingly focusing on regional customization to attract diverse player bases.

Gaming influencers in India, such as Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, are also part of the promotional wave, creating content that draws in a larger audience and fosters a community around the game. Thug, who is the CEO of S8UL, expressed his optimism about the collaboration following the previous successful collaboration between Krafton India and S8UL for the launch of Road to Valor: Empires: "We are proud to be a part of KRAFTON's continued contribution to the game industry in India. With our engagement for new games like Bullet Echo, we aim to further elevate the gaming experience and bring innovative entertainment to gamers across the country."

KRAFTON's focus on strategic localization and cultural customization with Bullet Echo India reflects an understanding that success in global markets often requires a tailored approach that respects and incorporates local traditions and consumer preferences. The enthusiastic response from the community, buoyed by strong pre-registration numbers, indicates a promising start for Bullet Echo India.

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