BTK Squad Aiming to Challenge Blacklist Sibol Squad, Says Dogie

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BTK lost to Dogie's Aether squad with a 4-0 score during their scrim session.
BTK now aims to challenge the Blacklist International Sibol squad.
According to Dogie, the match will happen this Sunday on 5th June.

The North American (NA) team BloodThirstyKings (BTK) lost against Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio’s Aether squad with a 4-0 score. The team now aims to challenge the powerhouse team of the Philippines (PH). The match may be happening this Sunday on 5th June and will serve as a chance for the BTK squad to redeem itself. The NA team’s pro player SHARK received praise from Dogie due to his impressive performance throughout the scrim session. According to the former Nexplay EVOS (NXPE) coach, SHARK has the most potential out of all his teammates and is someone to lookout for, and potentially be recruited by other teams.

After scrimming with Nexplay squad, BTK plans to go up against Blacklist International

BTK’s team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun recently challenged Dogie to a 5v5 match. This scrim session was livestreamed and resulted with a 4-0 loss for the NA squad. Despite this, the former NXPE coach praised the squad for their impressive performance.

Dogie mentioned that he thinks the BTK squad is still trying to adjust as MobaZane was the only one who had ample experience playing in the PH region. “I mean, I think they are still adjusting and I think they are lagging.”

He added that he was impressed with SHARK’s performance and patience to wait for perfect opportunities to engage and open up skirmishes for the BTK squad. “In that team, I think he [SHARK] really has potential. He’s the one who is ‘scoutable’,” Dogie said.

The former NXPE coach lauded BTK’s performance during the scrim session and said “Just give them a week here in the Philippines, they will legit keep up [with the meta].”

Dogie hinted that the NA squad wants to go further with its training and has challenged the M3 World Champions Blacklist International. “Guys, there will be a fight between Blacklist Sibol Team vs BTK, this will be a redemption for BTK against Blacklist. It will be this Sunday”, said Dogie.

While Dogie knows it will be streamed live on Sunday, he does not know where it will be broadcasted.

BTK is arguably the MLBB powerhouse in North America. The match between the two powerhouse teams shall be an interesting match to follow considering the two teams have met before during the M3 World Championship and it shall essentially tantamount to an NA vs PH exhibition match.

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