BTK MobaZane Wished to Defeat Blacklist International With V33Wise During RMC S6 Showmatch


BTK MobaZane Wished to Defeat Blacklist International With V33Wise During RMC S6 Showmatch

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BTK scored a 3-2 victory against the Blacklist Sibol team during the RMC Season 6 Finals showmatch.
BTK's Ichiji surprised the fans with his impressive debut performance during the showmatch.
MobaZane was slightly unsatisfied with their victory due to the absence of the V33Wise duo.

The showmatch during the Realme Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Cup (RMC) Season 6 finals featured the North American (NA) team BloodThirstyKings (BTK) and the Gold Medalist Blacklist International Sibol squad. The match concluded with a stunning 3-2 victory for the NA team led by its captain Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun. During a post-match interview, the BTK captain shared that he was slightly unsatisfied with their victory due to the absence of Blacklist International's iconic duo of Johnmar "OhMyV33nus" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" del Rosario. The NA squad proved that they can keep up with the best Mobile Legends teams in the Philippines (PH).

BTK dominates Sibol team with its new star player Ichiji

The showmatch during the RMC Season 6 finals was rumored to be against Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio’s team going up against the Gold Medalist squad. In a surprising turn of events, an over the top entrance from the BTK squad was seen on the stage and were revealed to be the real challengers for the series.

The NA team featured a new player under its banner named Kier “Ichiji” Sambajon. The rookie served as a replacement for Victor (also known as Carti) who was absent during the showmatch.

Ichiji was phenomenal with his playstyle and mechanical skills. Despite BTK struggling to keep up with Sibol’s late game momentum, the young prodigy was able to execute split pushes and open up opportunities for the NA squad to recover and secure crucial objectives. Needless to say, Ichiji grabbed the spotlight during the showmatch.

MobaZane unsatisfied with victory over Sibol squad due to V33Wise’s absence

Prior to the showmatch, fans were skeptical on how BTK would fare against the 31st SEA Games medalists. However, the doubters were proven wrong after a 3-2 victory by the NA squad during the RMC Season 6 finals showmatch.

Despite the hard earned victory, MobaZane revealed that he was slightly unsatisfied with the results due to the absence of Blacklist International’s iconic pro players. “It would feel better if they had Wise and V33nus,” he said.

Blacklist International and BTK’s rivalry stretches all the way back to the M3 World Championship. The NA team delivered a huge 3-2 upset over the Philippines powerhouse squad which surprised the fans. Blacklist International eventually bounced back in later matches and claimed the world champion title. Since then, MobaZane has been looking forward to the upcoming M4 World Championship and have a rematch on the grand stage with the Philippines squad.

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