BTK MobaZane Issues Apology After Legal Threat From Assassin Dave

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BTK MobaZane Issues Apology After Legal Threat From Assassin Dave</p></div>
BTK MobaZane Issues Apology After Legal Threat From Assassin Dave



MobaZane apologizes to Assassin Dave after a controversy sparked between them.
Assassin Dave confirmed that he and MobaZane have settled the issue privately and have made amends.
MobaZane wishes Team Outplay all the best as it will compete in the MSC 2023.

Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun's recent outbursts over the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 ruling have triggered a strong backlash in the community, specifically targeting North American (NA) shoutcaster Dave "Assassin Dave" Mao. The Bloodthirsty Kings (BTK) jungler expressed frustration, alleging that the influential content creator neglected to support the team and conspired to replace them with Team Outplay for the MSC 2023. In response, Assassin Dave released an official statement, threatening legal action against MobaZane for spreading false information and damaging him and his company's reputation. In an attempt to address the escalating controversy, MobaZane issued a public apology on his YouTube channel.

MobaZane Extends Apology to Assassin Dave and Wishes Team Outplay Success in MSC 2023

As Dave faced public harassment, MobaZane took to his official YouTube channel to issue a public apology, seeking to address the situation and make amends.

"I would like to make a public apology to everyone for my irrational actions after MSC rulings were decided," the BTK jungler began.

He proceeded to acknowledge the individuals involved in his outburst, notably Assassin Dave, admitting that his accusations were based on unfounded speculations.

"To the MSC committee, I understand that the rules are set in place to uphold fairness & I fully accept their final ruling on the matter."

"To Dave, I would like to sincerely apologize, I'm well aware that he has been a believer in me and my team for the whole NACT but I was wrongly led to believe that he was favoring one team to go to MSC over BTK and I have since realized that it's completely untrue. I was acting on speculations and I want to apologize for doing so."

"To Smiling & Wrath I apologize as well. There's no explanations to my actions and I was acting out of place. It is completely my fault & I hope that someday you find it in your hearts to forgive me. I was in an emotional ditch and I saw no way out."

"I also want to apologize to the Team Outplay community. Outplay played very well in the NACT grand final, and I now understand my actions led to lots of unnecessary drama & conflict between both teams after the NACT grand finals."

Continuing his apology, MobaZane explained that the MSC ruling had deeply affected him emotionally.

"I was heartbroken & not in the best mental place after the rulings were final on MSC. Being unable to represent North America in an international tournament had me sobbing out of pure desperation and feeling a way I haven't felt in many years," MobaZane explained.

He further elaborated that, “I know that doesn't justify any of my irrational actions and I hope the community can give me another opporunity to prove myself."

In closing, he extended his best wishes to Team Outplay for its upcoming campaign in MSC 2023.

"Last but not the least, I wish team Outplay the best of luck on their journey to represent North America in MSC," MobaZane concluded.

MobaZane Apologizes to Assassin Dave

After the apology, Assassin Dave shared a YouTube community post, revealing that he and MobaZane have reconciled and resolved their differences. In an effort to prevent any further controversy, Dave has decided to make some of the videos private which could potentially reignite the dispute.

“Zane has reached out to me and apologized. I have since accepted his apology and we are on good terms. Now that everything is cleared out, I have already privated my previous livestream since it serves no extra purpose but a means for more division. I wish we can all move forward with a heart of love and forgiveness. Let's build a greater and stronger North America community together!” wrote Dave.

Assassin Dave Reconciled with MobaZane

BTK will not compete in the upcoming MSC 2023 as it failed to meet requirements, but the squad is still the NA representative team for the upcoming International Esports Federation (IESF) MLBB Tournament. 

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