BTK Fwydchickn Expressed Frustration Over the Repetitive Meta in MLBB


BTK Fwydchickn Expresses Frustration Over the Repetitive Meta in MLBB

John Dave Rossel
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BTK FwydChickn thinks the MLBB meta is too repetitive.
Although, he appreciates the fact that the meta does not have overpowered heroes.
BTK FwydChickn also shared that he hates the fact that Fanny and Franco are now relevant while Wanwan is a priority ban or pick for the matches he has played.

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) Gold Laner Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl shared his thoughts regarding the current meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The pro player expressed his frustrations of how every ranked game felt too repetitive for him. However, FwydChickn still appreciates the fact that the current meta does not have overpowered heroes and that picking viable ones doesn't necessarily guarantee a win for the team securing such viable heroes. He also stated that he doesn’t like how the heroes Fanny and Franco are relevant in the current meta and the marksman Wanwan is a must pick or ban in every game.

BTK Fwydchickn shared his thoughts on the current meta

The current meta has definitely affected a lot of pro players and teams in the MLBB competitive scene. Even the renowned super team of the Philippines (PH), ECHO fell hard shortly after the patch that shifted the viable playstyle from Assassin to Tank junglers.

Through a livestream, BTK’s FwydChickn shared his frustrations regarding the current meta. According to him, “I have a love-hate relationship with this meta.”

He explained that while the meta doesn’t necessarily have overpowered heroes that could put a team at a very big advantage, matches always ended up as a race towards who secures the top-performing heroes. “It’s disgusting how it’s the same thing every game. In Gold Lane, it’s just Beatrix and Wanwan… If those two aren’t up, then it’ll be like Brody [or] Claude,” FwydChickn said.

The BTK Gold Laner added that the setup is also the same for Mid Laners who prioritize picking Yve or Xavier. As for Tanks, it would be Franco and Alice. “This meta is pick or ban Wanwan, and then pick Beatrix after Wanwan. That’s all this meta is,” stated FwydChickn

He also shared three of the things he hated the most in the current meta; “the fact that Fanny is relevant, the fact that Franco is relevant, and the fact that Wanwan is a pick or ban [priority].”

FwydChickn believes that popular Assassins like Ling have always been relevant but the hero at least has weaknesses that opponents can easily exploit. However, the same thing cannot be said about Fanny as “there’s like no real counter play to a Fanny who level 2 invades you after getting her blue buff.”

Back in April, BTK’s team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun also shared his frustrations regarding the meta in MLBB. He thought matches were too repetitive and boring for his liking. However, the team is still set on improving their skill and gameplay to secure their ticket to the M4 World Championship.

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