Bren Esports is Still Confident Despite Subpar Performance During MPL PH Season 8 Week 1


Bren Esports is Still Confident Despite Subpar Performance During MPL PH Season 8 Week 1

John Dave Rossel
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Despite the lackluster performance, Bren Esports coach Duckeyyy is confident that his team is on par with the other teams, even better.
Duckeyyy stated that the teams is stressed out and he will prioritize in taking care of his team's mental health.
Bren Esports will have a chance to redeem itself in the second of the MPL PH.

Despite the team’s lackluster performance in the first week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8, Bren Esports remains confident. In a post-match press conference, Bren Esports coach Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro admitted that despite the errors his team made, he still thinks that they are on the same level as the other teams. He added that the team just needs to reduce their stress levels and stay positive. Similar to the previous season, the team struggled to find momentum in the opening week. Bren Esports ended the first week of MPL PH Season 8 with no wins and two losses.

Bren Esports Coach Duckeyyy believes that his team is still in the game despite the performance on week 1

During the final day of MPL PH Season 8 Week 1, Bren Esports had a disappointing match against the new contender RSG PH with a score of 1-2, in favor of RSG PH. The world champions had a chance to turn things around after winning the second match but were out-drafted by RSG PH in the third and final match.

After their last match for the week, Bren Esports coach Duckeyyy admitted that they made a mistake in their drafting that allowed RSG PH to counter KarlTzy’s Hayabusa. This put them in a very bad situation with little to no chance of countering their opponents.

“Actually, we were discussing this – that we were severely out-drafted,” stated Duckeyyy. “This was our error, we need to make adjustments. We really need to change in terms of chemistry, in terms of drafting, and our gameplay, most importantly.”

The Bren Esports coach further added that this event stressed his team out and he needs to prioritize taking care of his team’s mental health.

“My priority right now is to reduce their stress levels,” stated Duckeyyy. “Especially now that we lost our first two matches for the first week, which is really bad. Their stress level is pretty high. They are anxious that they may not perform well when in fact, it’s just a matter of errors, in terms of drafting, in terms of gameplay.”

Despite this predicament, the coach still believes that his team can recover and has shown confidence that they can do better next week.

“We need adjustments, but individually, I still think they’re still on par with the current teams, even better,” stated Duckeyyy.

Bren Esports will get their chance at redemption in the second week of the MPL PH Season 8. The team is scheduled to go against TNC Pro Team on 4th Sept 2021 at 6:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if they can get the momentum they need to start winning matches.

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