Bren Esports Coach Duckeyyy Wanted to Sign the V33Wise Duo for MPL SG


Bren Esports Coach Duckeyyy Wanted to Sign the V33Wise Duo for MPL SG

John Dave Rossel
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Bren Esports coach Duckeyyy reveals he tried to acquire OhMyV33nus and Wise for MPL SG.
The dynamic duo declined the offer as OhMyV33nus was not ready to migrate to another region.
OhMyV33nus and Wise went on to become two-time MPL PH champions under the Blacklist International banner.

The head coach of Bren Esports, Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro revealed that he had tried to acquire Blacklist International’s dynamic duo, Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario back in Season 7. The coach was planning to expand its organization and build a team to compete in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Singapore (SG). As the MPL allowed teams to sign up to two foreign players in its roster, Duckeyyy tried to acquire OhMyV33nus and Wise to compete in the Singaporean league under the Bren Esports banner.

Duckeyyy wanted to host a Singaporean team with two Filipino players for the MPL SG

Through a Tweet posted on 19th Feb 2022, Duckeyyy shared a story on how he once planned on acquiring OhMyV33nus and Wise to build an MLBB team in Singapore. This was back when the V33Wise duo had been released by ONIC PH after a lackluster tournament run in the MPL PH Season 6.

“Let me tell you a story, kids. Back in season 7, after the M2 World Series, we wanted to expand to SG. We wanted Filipinos to fit in the roster. Now, since MPL only allows two non-local players in the roster with all the necessary legal razzmatazz approved…” stated Duckeyyy.

Duckeyyy added that during the pre-season of MPL PH Season 7, there were a lot of teams hoping to trade their pro players and revamp their roster. It was the perfect time to scout for potential candidates.

“I scoured through free agents and viable players. Back then teams were in a huge reshuffle. Trades here and there, restructuring different teams and all that,” he said.

The head coach continued and said he reached out to OhMyV33nus and offered him the chance to join MPL SG along with Wise under the Bren Esports banner. However, OhMyV33nus declined the offer as he was not ready to migrate abroad.

“Unfortunately, they weren’t really ready to migrate and live somewhere far from home. So, it fell through. So, there’s that. Just wanted to share,” stated Duckeyyy.

The VeeWise duo eventually joined Blacklist International for the MPL PH Season 7 and went on to become back-to-back MPL PH champions along with becoming the M3 World Champions.

Blacklist International became two-time champions in the MPL PH.

While the dynamic duo declined Bren Esports’ offer, it’s interesting to think how things would have transpired if OhMyV33nus and Wise accepted the offer. The duo could have dominated the Singapore MLBB esports scene. But perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten witness to the Blacklist International dynasty if things hadn’t transpired the way it did.

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