Brawl Stars Colt Free Skin Contest: Winner, Prize, More


Brawl Stars Colt Free Skin Contest: Winner, Prize, More

Find out the community favorite Colt skin.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Supercell had announced a community contest for Brawl Stars called Make Colt A Free Skin in September.
About two months later the final result of the competition has been announced based on public voting.
The winner of the selected skin walked away with a prize of $2500 USD and the design will also be added to Brawl Stars.

The developers of Brawl Stars recently organized a free-for-all contest called 'Make Colt A Free Skin', providing community artists with a platform to present their creativity and imagination, which would be voted upon by other members.

This event commenced two months ago on 18th September and artists were allowed to submit their respective Colt skin designs from 20th September onwards.

Almost two months later, the community event finally came to an end on 17th October and the winning skin has been declared along with the results of the final public voting.

Brawl Stars Community Contest - Make Colt A Free Skin: Complete Details

The Finnish mobile game development company Supercell is great at engaging with its community, providing all creators and artists with a platform to showcase their skills and designs.

It even hosts regular contests to promote their work while simultaneously engaging the playerbase to give them a large audience, to view their work, provide necessary feedback, and help select the best designs to be included in the game.

Make Colt A Free Skin was another such contest where multiple creators participated to submit their work. Out of all the designs only five were shortlisted for the finals and from these one was declared as the winner based on community voting.

  1. Dark Angel Colt Skin | KDA Poltergeist | Winner

  2. Ultra Reality Colt Skin | Wisp-O-Wisp | Runner-Up

  3. Goldarm Colt Skin | FreeFGP | Runner-Up

  4. Cyborg Sheriff Colt Skin | J-Y Jacky | Runner-Up

  5. Retrowave Colt | Chopsuey | Runner-Up

As per the rules of this contest, KDA Poltergeist is the creator of the winning Colt skin, which is a group consisting of three creators - Kakatpoke, Dodiskins, and Angelo.

The Dark Angel Colt Skin will be added to Brawl Stars and the winner shall also receive $2,500 USD (INR 2,05,125) in prize money. In addition to this, the creator will also get an option to give away the shortlisted skin to some of their fans for absolutely free.

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