Blacklist Sibol Resurges, Secures Three Consecutive Wins in the IESF MLBB Event


Blacklist Sibol Resurges, Secures Three Consecutive Wins in the IESF MLBB Event

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Blacklist Sibol scores three consecutive victories in its lower bracket run in the IESF MLBB event.
Blacklist Sibol will face Cambodia in the lower bracket finals match on 10th December.
The winner of the lower bracket finals will face Indonesia in the grand finals match.

Blacklist Sibol redeemed itself after its early jitters and secured three consecutive wins in the lower bracket of the International Esports Federation’s (IESF) 2022 14th World Esports (WE) Championship MLBB esports event. The representative of the Philippines (PH) scored clean sweep victories against Slovenia, Argentina, and Malaysia and is one win away from securing a grand finals slot. Blacklist Sibol’s Lower Bracket Finals match will be against the Cambodian (KH) team comprising the Impunity KH squad. 

There will be no MLBB matches for the next three days. The tournament matches resumes on 10th December where the final lower bracket match shall decide on who will go against Indonesia, the grand finalist from the upper bracket playoffs.

Blacklist Sibol scored three win streaks following its upset against Indonesia

The first day of the tournament saw the Blacklist Sibol squad struggle in the hands of the Indonesian team. The team also had issues regarding the device used in the tournament which may have contributed to the team’s performance in its first match in the IESF 2022 MLBB event.

The PH representatives dropped down to the lower brackets after an upsetting 2-0 loss against Indonesia in the upper bracket match. forcing the squad to play high-stakes matches with the risk of being eliminated from the tournament.

Learning from its defeat against the Indonesian rival team, Blacklist Sibol was able to make necessary adjustments as it fought three contenders in one day. The PH team’s efforts to focus its lineup on protecting its star Gold Laner Kiel "OHEB" Soriano paid dividends as it shocked fans with a dominant 2-0 clean sweep victories against Slovenia, Argentina, and Malaysia. 

With this massive win streak, Blacklist Sibol will be up against Cambodia, one of the toughest competitors in the event, in the lower bracket finals match. The winner shall head to the grand finals and face Indonesia, which is composed of the best talents from EVOS Esports.

Philippines secured 2-0 sweep against Malaysia.

Garudaku ESI

It will be interesting to see if the Blacklist Sibol squad will be able to keep its momentum going and secure its grand finals bid in the IESF 2022 MLBB event.

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