Blacklist International and OhMyV33NUS Speaks Out Regarding Kelra's Unprofessional Behaviour


Blacklist International and OhMyV33NUS Release Statements on Kelra's Unprofessional Behavior

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International and OhMyV33nus commented on Kelra's recent unprofessional behavior for which he was sanctioned by the MPL.
The esports organization and the pro player encourages everyone to be mindful when speaking in public and that harassing people is not a laughing matter.
Kelra received a 2-week suspension from the MPL PH Season 8 and an undisclosed fine due to his unprofessional behavior.

The esports organization, Blacklist International and one of its players, Jhonmar "OhMyV33nus" Villaluna speaks out regarding Duane "Kelra" Pilllas’s unprofessional behavior. Kelra recently received backlash from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community regarding his homophobic statements regarding OhMyV33nus and James “Wise” Del Rosario. The pro player received a 2-week suspension from the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8 and an undisclosed fine due to his unprofessional behavior. Kelra was also revealed to have made sexual remarks regarding the female Thailand pro player, Chareeny “Ramella” Ramella which added fuel to the fire.

Blacklist International and OhMyV33NUS encourages everyone to be mindful of their words amid Kelra's controversy

The MPL PH Season 7 champion, Blacklist International, and one of its best players OhMyV33nus made statements regarding the controversy surrounding Omega Esports’ pro player, Kelra.

Blacklist International stated that words do matter and everyone should be mindful of what they are saying in order to build a healthy community.

We encourage everyone to observe how our thoughts are influenced by our upbringing and experiences. These thoughts affect the way we speak online and offline. Popularly-used words that are regarded as “normal” are not always right,” stated Blacklist International.

OhMyV33nus added to this statement, saying that people should be responsible for whatever they say online. He also hopes that this issue should serve as a lesson to everyone and that harassing someone is never a laughing matter.

I believe that this issue should be addressed correspondingly because this is one of the reasons why I am here for – Equality and Respect for all. I hope this serves as a lesson for everyone because this didn’t just affect our country, but other regions as well,” stated OhMyV33nus. “I just want to remind everyone that it is never ok to harass anyone and it’s not funny.

Kelra received a penalty from the MPL League on 16th Aug 2021 for violating rule 12.3.3. "Sexual Harassment" and rule 12.3.4. "Discrimination and Denigration." The pro player received a two-week suspension starting on the first day of the MPL PH Season 8 regular season and an undisclosed fine for his unprofessional behavior.

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