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BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend 1 Recap: Match Summary and Overall Standings

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Chemin Esports and Blind Esports dominated BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend 1.
Experienced teams like Team Soul, Numen Gaming and Team X Spark had a subpar outing.

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 is an exciting tournament sparking some amazing battles between experienced veterans and young talents. Teams like Chemin Esports, Numen Gaming, Marcos Gaming have dominated BGMS Season 2.

BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend Day 1 was dominated by Blind Esports. Although Blind Esports didn’t get a chicken dinner it secured the top spot with 54 points. Gladiator Esports was placed second with 49 points. Team Insane and Chemin Esports had a fantastic day as they secured the third and fourth spot with 43 and 36 points respectively. OR Esports also looked good as it grabbed the fifth spot with 31 points. 

Team Soul, Numen Gaming and Medal Esports dominated the League stage but placed at the bottom of the table in Super Weekend 1 Day 1.

BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend 1 Day 1 Match Summary

Match 1 Erangel: Gladiator Esports dominated the match on Erangel and secured 25 points. Blind Esports also secured 25 points to its name. Team Insane got 14 points while Gods Reign had 13 points in total. Team 8Bit secured 9 points in total, 8 of which came in the first zone where they took advantage of the powerplay and received 8 points for eliminating Orangutan. 

Match 2 Sanhok: The map of Sanhok saw some amazing plays from various teams. Chemin Esports successfully clutched a 2v4 in the end zone against Gods Reign and secured a chicken dinner with 28 total points. Chemin Esports Shadow was the most valuable player (MVP) as he secured eight finishes to his name. Marcos Gaming took advantage of the powerplay and secured 16 points for their 8 eliminations in the first zone. Blind Esports and Gods Reign secured 15 points each. 

Match 3 Miramar: Team Insane was able to grab the chicken dinner and 22 total points. OR Esports secured 17 points to its name. Blind Esports continued its momentum and secured 14 Points. Orangutan also had a good game with 14 total points. Team Soul had a comeback game and secured 13 points to its name.

Day 1 of the Super Weekend saw some of the dominant teams from the Launch week and the League week drop down to the bottom of the table. Team Soul, Numen Gaming, Medal Esports and Team X Spark had a subpar outing. 

Grabbing as many points as possible in the Super Weekend is a must for all the teams, as it will be added to the overall standings from where teams will qualify for the Grand Finals of BGMS Season 2. Teams will also be looking to grab a spot in the top 4 in Super Weekend 1 to ensure they  directly earn a slot for Super Weekend 2.

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