BGMS Season 2 League Week 1 Day 2


BGMS Season 2 League Week Day 2 Recap: Overall Standings and Match Summary

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Chemin Eports, Numen Gaming and Blind Esports continue to dominate.
Some of the experienced teams made a comeback, while others slipped further down the points table.

League Week 1 is ongoing for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 and Day 2 was quite interesting as teams like Chemin Esports and Numen Gaming continued to dominate. A lot of experienced teams like OR Esports and Team 8Bit also made a comeback on the second day.

Chemin Esports stands steadfast at the top spot with 65 points. Marcos Gaming placed second with 55 points after an excellent first game. OR Esports earned a chicken dinner and grabbed the third spot with 51 points. Numen Gaming secured the fourth place with 50 points, and Blind Esports placed fifth, with 50 points to its name as well.

Marcos Gaming’s Harsh “Spray God” Malik grabbed the top spot in The Most Valuable Player (MVP) rankings with 23 finishes. 

BGMS Season 2 League Week 1 Day 2 Match Summary

On the second day, teams like Chemin Esports, Marcos Gaming, Numen Gaming carried their momentum from Day 1 and delivered consistent performances. 

Match 1: Group B vs Group C, Map - Erangel

Marcos Gaming had an excellent match and was able to clinch the chicken dinner with 29 total points. Team 8Bit put up a great fight and secured 22 points. Chemin Esports and Medal Esports accumulated 13 points each. Team Soul played its only match of the day and accrued 7 points before getting eliminated. 

Match 2: Group A vs Group C, Map - Miramar

Numen Gaming after putting in a lot of effort secured a chicken dinner with 25 points in the second match of the day. Gods Reign was able to secure 16 points from this match. Orangutan along with WSB Gaming displayed some excellent teamwork and accumulated 15 and 14 points respectively. Blind Esports and Team Godlike secured 10 points each, while OR Esports gained only 6 placement points. 

Match 3: Group A vs Group C, Map - Erangel

To everyone's surprise the last match of the day was Erangel and not the regular Sanhok. OR Esports made a comeback in this match and secured a chicken dinner with a massive 30 points. Blind Esports gained 19 points for its efforts. Enigma Gaming secured 16 points to its name. Orangutan and Medal Esports accumulated 13 and 14 points respectively. Team Godlike was not able to secure any points from this game.

Day 2 of this League Week saw experienced teams like OR Esports, Blind Esports and Marcos Gaming make a comeback. On the other hand, a few experienced teams like Team Soul, Revenant Esports and Team Godlike slipped further down the points table. 

It will be interesting to see the approach of the teams on Day 3 as it will be the second last day of the League Week and an opportunity for some of the teams to qualify for Super Weekend 1.

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