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BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series: Format, Registration, Prize Pool and More

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ESL India has announced a BGMI tournament named BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series.
The event boasts a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) events have been at an all time high with back to back tournaments taking place. The ongoing BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has provided fans with intense back to back fights and with the BMPS 2023 event about to end in a week’s time fans are wondering which is the next BGMI tournament to look forward to. 

With every Tournament Organizer announcing BGMI events one after another, ESL India has also announced a BGMI event named BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series. In this article we will talk about the format, prize pool and number of teams participating in the event.

BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series Detailed

The BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series is one of the major BGMI events in India. The event boasts a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore. The tournament will have over 2000 slots for upcoming teams in the open qualifiers. The event is divided into three stages, Conquest, Challenge Season and Challenge Finals. The second stage will have 24 seasoned teams invited to compete in the event.

This is the format of the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series event: 

Stage 1: Conquest Open - 

  • 2048 teams will compete in the Conquest Open Stage.

  • Top 8 teams from the overall points table will move to the next stage.

Stage 2: Challenge Season

  • Top 8 teams from Conquest Open will compete with 24 invited teams over a period of 12 days.

  • Top 16 teams will move to the next stage.

Stage 3: Challenge Finals

  • Top 16 teams from Challenge Season will battle for 3 days on LAN.


The registrations for the tournament will end on 12th December.

Follow the steps given below to register your team for the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series event:

  • Go to the link: BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series Registration.

  • Fill in your necessary details like team name, team logo, email address, team’s players, team’s social handle, owner's information and substitute player’s details. 

  • Tap on the submit button to register your team.

Rules and Regulations

The BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series event has laid down some rules and regulations for the participants. Players and teams registering for the event should follow the rules given below and those mentioned in the rule book to avoid disqualification.

These are some of the conditions to keep in mind while participating in the event:

Game Accounts:

  • Every Player must have their own Game ID and must submit it during registration. The same cannot be changed once the tournament has begun.


  • The tournament is restricted to participants other than India.

  • A player’s home country is the country where his main place of residence is. 

  • The tournament is open for India only.


  • Usage of iPads and Tablets are restricted in the whole tournament.

  • Any device which has a display of more than 7 inches is also banned from use in the tournament.

  • The use of emulators is strictly restricted in the tournament. 

  • If a player is found using an emulator, they will be removed from the tournament immediately.

Age Limit:

  • All players participating in the Tournament have to be over the age of 16 years.

The dates for the event are yet to be revealed. The 24 teams invited in the second stage are also yet to be announced but it can be expected that well known teams in the BGMI scene will be invited to compete in the event. 

The event will be a great opportunity for upcoming teams to showcase their skills and qualify into further stages and compete against seasoned teams.

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