BGMI Payload Is Back With Tanks, Guns, Achievements & More

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Payload Mode is back in BGMI.
Payload Mode is based on the classic battle royale mode with the addition of heavier weaponry, among other features.
It also has a certain accomplishment that can only be attained through this particular game mode.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been making waves in the community ever since its comeback on 29th May 2023. Players have been treated to many in-game events and missions with the latest updates. Now, Payload Mode has also made a comeback in BGMI. This mode offers an exciting twist to the classic battle royale experience by introducing heavier weaponry, flying vehicles, and armored vehicles.

Let's explore the features of BGMI Payload Mode in detail. Here’s all you need to know about this exhilarating game mode.

BGMI Payload

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What is BGMI Payload Mode? 

Payload is based on the classic battle royale mode with the addition of heavier weaponry, among other features. In BGMI Payload Mode, players can experience both land and air combat by controlling flying vehicles and armored vehicles. They have the opportunity to conquer bases and super weapon boxes to obtain various heavy machine guns and powerful items. Additionally, in this mode, players can revive eliminated team members multiple times using the Recall Tower. By choosing it from the list of unranked game modes under "Others," players can play this game mode.

Recall Tower: The Recall Tower plays a vital role in BGMI Payload Mode. Each player is assigned an ID, and if any squad member is eliminated, the remaining teammates can collect their ID from their crate. They can then head to the Respawn Tower and use the ID to revive their fallen teammate. This process can be repeated multiple times, providing the squad with an opportunity to bring back their eliminated members.

BGMI Payload

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Exclusive weapons: Payload Mode introduces exclusive weapons that add a new dimension to gameplay. These weapons include the M79 Grenade Launcher, RPG-7, MGL Grenade Launcher, M134 Minigun, and M3E1-A. Each of these powerful weapons offer unique capabilities and can significantly impact the outcome of battles.

Vehicles: In Payload Mode, vehicles come equipped with weapons for enhanced combat capabilities. Vehicles such as UAZ, Dacia, Buggy, and the new Pickup now feature flamethrowers, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Additionally, these vehicles can be used in the water thanks to built-in floaties and propellers. The Payload mode also introduces an advanced helicopter armed with machine guns, allowing passengers to engage enemies from the air. When exiting the helicopter at high altitudes, players can deploy their parachutes, whereas at low altitudes, they will simply fall.

Tank: A notable addition to Payload Mode is the tank vehicle. Tanks provide an exhilarating experience with their resilient armor and immense firepower. These vehicles can accommodate up to four players, with the co-pilot utilizing the tank's 360-degree rotating machine gun. However, tanks can explode and cause damage to passengers when their durability reaches zero. They are easily recognizable due to their large size and relatively slow movement.

BGMI Payload

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UAV: BGMI Payload Mode introduces a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Players can summon the UAV using a remote device and control its onboard missile launcher. The UAV flies in a specific direction and can be used strategically to take down enemies.

Superweapon crate: The superweapon crate is another significant feature in BGMI Payload Mode. This crate contains heavy weapons like the M3E1-A, RPGs, level 3 gear, and top-tiered weapons. The crate's location is marked on the map, and as players approach it, a timer indicates when the crate will appear. Once the crate spawns, everyone in the game is notified, leading to intense battles. 

Air Strike Players can utilize the Air Strike Beacon in Payload Mode to create their mini-red zone. By marking an area with this beacon, they can call in an airstrike to bombard the marked location.

How to Unlock Payload Powerhouse Achievement in BGMI 

Payload Powerhouse is an achievement in BGMI that can only be unlocked during the payload event. In order to unlock it, the player must complete the following missions in a single payload match.

  • Destroy one metal door of a secret room. (Land the final blow)

  • Use a vehicle weapon to defeat one player. (Ramming with a vehicle does not count) 

  • Use a UAV/air strike summoning device to defeat one player.

  • Use the communication Tower to recall one teammate. 

  • Destroy one vehicle  

Once a player finishes these missions, 15 achievement points can be earned along with six Classic Crate Coupons.

BGMI Payload

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Payload mode went live on 1st July along with the 2.5 version of BGMI. Players can queue up solo or with friends to play in this mode.

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