BGMI New Season C6S18 Rewards Leaked


BGMI New Season C6S18 Rewards Leaked

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The new C6S18 Season in BGMI will offer various kinds of rewards like character costumes and weapon skin.
The new season will offer an exclusive DBS skin for the first time.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) introduces a new season in-game after almost every two months through its major update. Each season is unique in its own way and has rewards based on each rank a player has achieved. As players go higher up in ranks the quality of the rewards also increases. After each season has concluded, a player’s rank is also reset to almost two tiers below the last season’s rank. The 3.2 update in BGMI will bring the new C6S18 season with some exclusive rewards.

BGMI C6S17 season detailed  

The Cycle 6 Season 18 (C6S18) in BGMI is expected to start after the conclusion of the C6S17 season and end after a 2 month period. Players must reach the highest possible tier to secure the rewards in that tier. You will be required to play classic matches in order to redeem the rewards. The C6S18 season is expected to provide players with an exclusive DBS skin for the very first time.

C6S18 Set

These are some of the tier and season rewards for each rank of C6S18:

  • Bronze: 1x Supply Crate Coupon, 300 Season tokens.

  • Silver: 1x Classic Crate Coupon, 350 Season tokens.

  • Gold: C6S18 Set, 400 Season tokens.

  • Platinum: C6S18 Glasses, 500 Season tokens.

  • Diamond: C6S18 DBS Skin, 600 Season tokens.

  • Crown: 3x Rating Protection Card, C6S18 Crown name tag, 800 Season tokens, Crown exclusive team-up special effect.

  • Ace: C6S18 Mask, C6S18 Ace name tag, C6S18 Ace title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace exclusive team-up special effect.

C6S18 DBS Skin
  • Ace Master: C6S18 Cover, C6S18 Ace Master name tag, C6S18 Ace Master title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Master exclusive team-up special effect.

  • Ace Dominator: C6S18 Ace Dominator avatar, C6S18 Ace Dominator name tag, C6S18 Ace Dominator title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect.

  • Conqueror: C6S18 Conqueror avatar frame, C6S18 Conqueror name tag, C6S18 Conqueror title, 1200 Season tokens, Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect.

Parachute Skin

To receive the above mentioned rewards, players will have to complete at least five matches in each rank. After the completion of five matches you can go to the tier rewards section and redeem the rewards next to your rank. 

The C6S18 also has the A7 Royale Pass. The royale pass has some exclusive items like an upgradable PP-19 Bizon skin which has been introduced for the first time in BGMI through a royale pass. The skin can be upgraded up to three levels with the highest level providing an elimination broadcast animation.

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