BGMI Masters Series 2022 Reportedly Breaks Viewership Record on Television

Esports tournament gains more impression than sport events.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Report: BGMS 2022 Breaks Viewership Record On Television</p></div>
Report: BGMS 2022 Breaks Viewership Record On Television


BGMI Masters Series 2022 has reportedly broken the viewership record on television after being broadcasted on Star Sports 2.
BGMS 2022 was able to garner 12.3 million views in the first eight days of the tournament from 24th June to 1st July.
On the first day of the tournament itself, BGMS 2022 had clocked 1.2 million impressions, beating several globally followed sports tournaments.

The BGMI Masters Series 2022 (BGMS) which is being televised on Star Sports 2, while also being livestreamed on Loco and Glance, has reportedly broken the viewership record on Television by garnering 12.3 million views in the first eight days (24th June to 1st July) of the tournament.

Talking specifically about the opening day, 24th June, BGMS 2022 clocked 1.2 million impressions according to the TV channel data. These impressions are 290% more than that of the UEFA Champions League finals between Liverpool and Real Madrid (28th May) and 80% more than the finals of the French Open Roland Garros featuring Rafael Nadal (5th June).

Report: BGMS 2022 breaks viewership record on TV by attaining 12.3 million views in first eight days

The hype around BGMS 2022 was unreal ever since details about it were announced by NODWIN Gaming ahead of the tournament. It was slated to become one of the biggest Indian esports events of the year and according to the viewership report, this might have already become a reality.

Within the first eight days, BGMS 2022 managed to attain 12.3 million views on television alone. Additionally, when the impressions from partnered digital platforms Loco and Glance Live were collated, a combined total of 53.9 million views was garnered between 24th June and 2nd July.

Taking a look at the first day impressions alone, BGMS clocked 1.2 million impressions on 24th June itself, which was significantly higher than the opening day numbers of several globally followed sports tournaments like the Australian Open 2022 which recorded a million impressions, the French Open with 0.65 million impressions, and the UEFA Champions League semifinals achieving 0.46 million impressions.

Akshat Rathee - managing director and co-founder of NODWIN Gaming, said that "The viewership on both linear and digital platforms has been phenomenal and we are excited to see the climax building up for the grand finals. We are naturally delighted and proud to be part of this great moment in time when the history of esports is being written! We’re looking forward to bringing Indian esports at par or even higher than other marquee international sports events across platforms."

With the grand finals of BMPS 2022 currently underway from 13th to 17th July featuring a prize pool of INR 75,00,000, the viewership of the tournament is expected to rise even further across all platforms, especially with fan-favorite organizations like GodLike Esports and Team SouL performing well.

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