BGMI Login and Inventory Issues: What's Going On?

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BGMI Login and Inventory Issues:


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BGMI players are facing login and inventory issues, causing frustration and concern.
8 Bit Thug and 8bit Goldy, popular BGMI streamers, have clarified that the problem is a technical issue being addressed by Krafton and not related to the game's ban.
The streamers advised players to remain patient, avoid logging out of their accounts, and reassured them that their inventories are safe.

BGMI players have been experiencing login and inventory issues, causing widespread frustration and concern among the game's community, with many taking to social media to voice their concerns. However, popular BGMI streamers and S8UL Esports co-owners, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal and Lokesh "Goldy" Jain, have spoken out about the matter, clarifying that the problems have nothing to do with the game's ban and are instead related to a technical issue being addressed by Krafton, the game's developer.

BGMI Issues: Allegedly Not Due to Ban

After multiple BGMI players took to social media to voice their concerns about the recent developments, with many indicating that this could be due to the ongoing suspension of the game, two of the most popular content creators have issued statements on their official Instagram handles claiming that these issues are not due to the game's suspension.

Players are reporting problems with logging in to the game and the sudden disappearance of their inventory in the game.

In a recent update on the matter, 8Bit Thug emphasized that these problems are caused due to a Tech issue. Although some players might not see their inventory even if they log in successfully, their inventory is safe.

8bit Thug statement on BGMI issues


Similarly, 8bit Goldy advised players to avoid logging out of their Facebook accounts and to not panic if their inventory appears missing when logging in through an alternative route, as this is likely due to a Facebook-side issue rather than a game bug.

8bit Goldy statement on BGMI issues


The login and inventory issues have been frustrating for BGMI players, but the updates from Thug and Goldy have provided reassurance to the community.

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