“BGMI is definitely Coming Back” Says Dynamo in Latest Vlog

Ahsan Kabir
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dynamo at the India Gaming Awards 2022</p></div>
Dynamo at the India Gaming Awards 2022
Dynamo refuses to share an exact date but as far as he's concerned, the game's comeback isn't in doubt.
Dynamo also hints that S8UL members' trip to South Korea is likely to be a part of an official announcement.
Ketan and Snax also seemed to be on the same page judging by their reactions.

It’s been almost a year since BGMI was removed from Google Play Store and Apple App store. Ever since, there has been little to no updates from the officials about the game’s comeback. However, the community refuses to give up on the hope of game’s return as they are still persistent when it comes to scrapping for possible unban dates. And rejuvenating the spirits of this loyal fanbase, in a recent vlog post of Ketan “K18” Sharma, popular BGMI streamer Dynamo just affirmed that the game is returning indeed. 

Dynamo assures BGMI’s Comeback

In his recent vlog post of visiting the Star Sports studio, Ketan asks Dynamo “When is the game coming?” to which Dynamo initially replies “Right now, there are too many dates. And if I drop another date on top of that, that’s just redundant”.

However, K18 continues his pursuit by trying to confirm if there’s any possibility of a comeback or not. To this, Dynamo delivers a confident reply “Definitely the game is coming”. Following this comment, K18 then continues to weigh the truth to it by saying “Dynamo's smile says it all”, reaffirming that the community is soon to be rewarded for their patience.

Dynamo then throws a reference to some of the S8UL members who are traveling to South Korea after reportedly being invited by Krafton. Although the purpose of the meeting is said to be a business affair, many in the community suspect that these are all part of an official comeback plan for BGMI. 

Later in the vlog, Ketan asks the same to Snax to which the creator replies “It’s up to god” with his casual charm. Many streamers like Snax are yet to affirm that there’s a strong chance of a comeback. 

Scout and Sid from S8UL have also expressed their frustration during recent streams as the current dilemma with the game’s comeback is taking a heavy toll on the businesses surrounding India esports. 

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