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BGIS 2024 Round 2: Teams, Format, Points System and More

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Round 2 of BGIS 2024 will see 512 teams compete across four days for a slot in Round 3.
A total of 240 teams from Round 2 will advance to Round 3 of BGIS 2024.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 main event is about to start and Krafton, BGMI’s publisher, has revealed the details for Round 2 of the event. The event will see multiple underdog and seasoned squads competing with each other across two months across multiple qualifying rounds for a massive prize pool of INR 2 Crores.

BGIS 2024 Round 4 detailed

Round 2 of BGIS 2024 will be played from 9th May to 12th May. Round 2 will see 512 teams, 480 teams from Round 1 and 32 teams (33rd – 64th ranked) from The Grind event and will be divided into 32 groups. Each group will play 6 matches with a total of 224 teams, the top 7 teams from each group will advance to Round 3. Additionally, the top 16 teams based on the overall standings among the remaining teams will also qualify for Round 3.

These are some the teams that have qualified for Round 2 of BGIS 2024 from Round 1:

  • Enigma Gaming

  • 7Shore Esports

  • Chemin Esports

  • Big Brother Esports

  • 47 Esports

  • Fintox Esports

  • TWOB

  • Gaming University

  • Galaxy Esports

  • Regression Esports

  • Nonx Esports

  • KHxCurious Esports

  • U4G Esports

  • AOP Esports

  • Armageddon 

  • LOC Esports

  • Aerobotz Esports

  • Sincere Gaming

  • Execute Esports

  • AGC Esports

  • Nameless Crew

  • Zero Vibes 

  • Team7 Esports

  • Lunatic Esports

These are the teams that have qualified for Round 2 of BGIS 2024 from The Grind:

  • Gods Reign

  • Dream Team Esports

  • GlitchxReborn

  • TCW Official

  • Team Insane 

  • Carnival Gaming

  • G2 Battleground

  • Real Esports

  • FLY Esports

  • Youtube Skull

  • Rivalry Esports

  • Faith Esports

  • FS Esports

  • Reckoning Esports

  • Gujarat Tigers

  • AstroKids

  • Team INS

  • Xnor Esports

  • Do or Die

  • Grind One Esports

  • Team Tamilas

  • Team Evoke

  • Imprint Esports

  • GameHub Esports

  • Karunaadu Esports

  • TMG Esports

  • No1 Esports

  • WSB Gaming

  • Autobotz Esports

  • THW Esports

  • ClawXPirat Esport

  • Team 8Bit

Points system

Points System

The BGIS 2024 event will see a new points system where the team securing the chicken dinner will be awarded 10 points unlike before where it was 15 points. The new points system puts a significant amount of emphasis on the finishes each team secures. 

Points system for the BGIS 2024 Round 2:

  • 1st place: 10 points.

  • 2nd place: 6 points. 

  • 3rd place: 5 points.

  • 4th place: 4 points.

  • 5th place: 3 points.

  • 6th place: 2 points.

  • 7th place: 1 point.

  • 8th place: 1 point. 

  • 9th - 16th place: 0 points.

  • 1 Finish: 1 point.

Where to watch BGIS 2024 The Grind Round 2?

Round 2 of the BGIS 2024 main event will be live streamed on the official Krafton India Esports Youtube Channel from 9th May, 3:30 PM onwards in the Hindi and English languages. It is to be noted that only a few group matches will be live streamed each day and the rest of the teams will be playing their respective matches offline. 

Round 2 will see multiple seasoned teams like Gods Reign, Carnival Gaming, Gujarat Tigers, Team 8Bit, Team XSpark and more compete for a spot in Round 3.

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