Azar Makes Bold Statements Against Team Queso in the Horizon Cup 2021


Azar Makes Bold Statements Against Team Queso in the Horizon Cup 2021

John Dave Rossel
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Team Secret's Baron Laner Eleazar “Azar” Salle expressed his disappointment towards Team Queso's performance during the third day of the Horizon Cup 2021.
The rivalry between Team Queso and Team Secret started when the official Twitter page of Team Queso, posted a meme targeted at the PH Team.
Azar feels more confident in taking down other teams in the Horizon Cup 2021 after his team's victory over Team Queso.

Team Secret’s Baron Laner Eleazar “Azar” Salle made some bold remarks after his team demolished Team Queso during the third day of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021. After a seemingly smooth 2-0 clean sweep victory for Team Secret against Team Queso in the group stage, the Filipino baron laner expressed his disappointment with Team Queso’s performance through a post-match interview. The rivalry between the two teams started when the official Twitter page of the Spanish Wild Rift team, Team Queso, posted a meme targeted at the Philippines (PH) team, Team Secret, sparking a flame between the fans and the team themselves.

Team Secret asserted dominance against Team Queso on the third day of the Horizon Cup 2021 Group Stage

The third day of the Horizon Cup 2021 went ablaze as Team Secret’s Azar issued some bold statements regarding Team Queso’s performance during their match in the group stage.

The match between the PH team and the Spanish team was nothing short of exciting. Team Queso took the lead during the early game but eventually fell short to the hands of Team Secret and its quick and highly aggressive rotations.

Team Queso went for a Draven and Braum combo during the first match in hopes of taking the team fight to their side. However, Team Secret was way ahead in terms of resources to the extent that Tobias Andy "memorized" Orendi’s Braum could not withstand the amount of damage that Team Secret was dishing out during team fights.

Team Secret continued to dominate the second match where it opted for a Lucian and Gragas dragon lane matchup. During team fights, the PH team managed to divide Team Queso’s formation which left them in very bad situations.

The match eventually ended with Team Secret securing a clean sweep victory score of 2-0 against Team Queso.

Team Secret won against Team Queso

Team Secret’s Azar expresses disappointment towards Team Queso

During a post-match interview, Team Secret’s Baron lane revealed that he was underwhelmed by Team Queso’s lackluster performance.

“I expected more, much more from their performance and I was a bit disappointed,” stated Azar.

The Baron laner added that since they managed to take down Team Queso, the champions of the Wild Rift Origin Series in the Europe region, he now feels more confident to take down the best of the best in the Horizon Cup 2021.

“I was pretty confident that none of them can beat me,” stated Azar.

Azar finished the second match with 13 kills and only 2 deaths overall. He carried the team throughout the match as he consistently swayed the tide of team fights to Team Secret’s side while also taking down turrets in his lane, pressuring Team Queso to play defensively.

It will be interesting to see if Team Secret can keep its momentum going and eventually secure a spot in the playoffs stage of the Horizon Cup 2021.

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