Arena of Valor Reveals New Map 4.0 Update with Day-Night Cycle


Arena of Valor Reveals New Map 4.0 Update with Day-Night Cycle

John Dave Rossel
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Garena reveals upcoming AoV Map 4.0 update featuring massive in-game changes.
The upcoming update adds a day-night feature in the game.
The Abyssal Dragon and the Dark Slayer will also receive major revamps.

Garena has revealed its big plans for Arena of Valor’s (AoV) 5th Anniversary version update, titled Battlefield 4.0 or Map 4.0 and will feature a new and improved in-game map and monsters. Arena of Valor is known as AoV globally but in Thailand, it is referred to as Realm of Valor (RoV). The AoV Map 4.0 update’s release date is yet to be announced but it is expected to be released sometime during Arena of Valor’s 5th Anniversary celebration. The major update was revealed through the official YouTube channel of Garena RoV Thailand, giving players a sneak peek of what they can expect to arrive in the upcoming update. More details regarding the AoV Map 4.0 update can be found below.

AoV Map 4.0 update has been revealed

The new map update was teased by Garena RoV Thailand on 18th July 2021, giving players a glimpse of the new and improved features of the in-game map. The new map will now have a day-night cycle, similar to the popular MOBA esports title DOTA 2, giving players a much more immersive experience.

Garena is yet to fully reveal the features that the AoV Map 4.0 update will deliver. However, they showed a revamped model of the two major jungle monsters in the game, the Dark Slayer and the Abyssal Dragon.

The Dark Slayer offers a much more menacing model with a purple and white color scheme to match the atmosphere during nighttime. The dragon also features long pointed horns that add more to its character of being the dragon of the night.

The Abyssal Dragon on the other hand has a much more angelic appearance. The dragon features a gold and white color scheme with a giant floating orb on its back. The design definitely reflects the dragon’s title of being the dragon of light.

Dark Slayer New Model

Fans can expect more changes and bonus content to be added during the AoV Map 4.0 update such as revamped jungle mob abilities and anniversary events to keep players busy. It will be interesting to see how these massive changes will change the meta of AoV, especially in its esports scene.

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